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Its All in the Mind

There are various situation wherein we are feeling low , because we are not able to overcome the situation. If we fear some things , …

"Me time"

“Me” Time

In the regular routine of life what gets ignored is “us”.We are fully dedicated and curated for our work and activities but what gets missed …


A Journey to Happiness

Happiness has no definition, it is just a state of mind where your mind is relaxed and your heart is joyous , you feel ecstatic …

Packing and unpacking

Packing and unpacking

Life is all about a matter of belonging. You start living at a place and that becomes your beautiful abode. Each and every article or …


Nuclear Family vs Joint Family

The normal debate which everyone encounters every day is nuclear family vs joint family. In the old generation when everyone used to live together. That …



In a male dominated society where these days everyone is getting educated with flying colors and pretend to be a modern family. A modern family …



Humanity is above all castes, religion, and races. We all are bonded together with each other not because of the same caste or religion but …

perfect couple

Perfect Couple-Part IV

At Nishi Wedding at Chandigarh. Kavya: I am so missing you Dhruv, it is a really pomp and glamorous wedding. Everyone is so well dressed …