With the cup of tea, its Parle G biscuits which we devour the most. If you are not well, down with fever your grand mom and mom will say “Please bring Parle G its good source of energy“. Easily available in its traditional packaging this is the most loved biscuit. Do you know the reason why? Its the trust which this brand had build since 1939. . In 1948, when India became independent, the company launched an ad campaign, showcasing its Gluco brand of biscuits as an Indian alternative to British-branded biscuits.  It was initially Known as Parle Gluco and later the name was changed as Parle G where G referred as Glucose. They have ideally build the brand loyalty by winning trust of people focusing on emotional marketing that these biscuits are rich in glucose, but this brand had never disappointed their customers.

For decades, the product was instantly recognized by its iconic white and yellow wax paper wrapper. The wrapper features a young girl and till today the packing remains same. Have you ever noticed why is it so? Today in the world of branding where everyone are paying whooping amount just to brand their products. Parle G has  maintained their traditional packing only to win customers confidence.The marketing mix of Parle G is also maintained  properly to set high standards of hygiene.  They make sure to come with new promotional strategies. Parle G has the merit of becoming the first Indian domestic brand that has crossed INR 5,000 crore figures in the sales at the retail market.The best part about the place in marketing mix  of Parle G is its vast distribution network.

Parle G never disppoints with their Tv commercials. As they have huge distribution network be it print or digital media they have always come up with new commercials. Be it their ad promoting G for Genius . They had taken their customer by surprise when they came up with hilarious ads “apko to ye bhi nahi tha ki bourbon or krack Jack bhi parle banata hai“.With this tag line they had come up with several stories. The latest ad to their marketing campaign is “You are my parle G”

Parle G

I am sure you all might have come across these ads on TV commercials. Everytime I watch this ad it reminds me of their legacy. The new TVCs by Parle-G seem to focus on target segment across age groups. They never fail to segment their brand properly be it on demographic , geographical, behavioral or consumer segmentation.The new ads shows your relation with your loved one’s and how Parle G has always been with your relation. They always create an emotional appeal with this brand.

Price is the most important factor , their low prices have always won customer’s heart. Brand personality of this brand is very rich which indicates trust, loyalty, confidence and consistency. The penetration rate of this brand is very good and they have always make sure to cater to their masses. They have wide range of manufacturing facilities with characterized standards which maintain high quality. Incepted in Vile Parle, Mumbai the biscuits acquired their name from this place.

I love these biscuits and will continue to follow them, What about you people?

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