Bumble Jumble

Are you bored kids?

I have an interesting surpirse for you. Go dress up first we are going to the play zone.Yupieeeee !Can you shout with me Bumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yes you got it correct bubble jubble.No try again Bumble , Bumbleeeee , now say jumble ,jumbleeeee!

I was looking for a fun park or kids zone since a long time. The time of Corona had restricted them from mingling and playing. I came across a kid zone area from one of my friend and planned to visit the place.-Bumble Jumble. I was really happy visiting the place.

Ball pit area
Toddler area
Interactive piano

Why kids need play zone area?

  • Its a zone which is full of exciting toys and after landing there kids plunge with joy.
  • They play and learn.
  • They shout and yearn.
  • They see many kids of their age group and become happy.
  • Parents feel happy looking at their child.
  • Its a safe zone , toys are ergonomics.
  • Every toy or furniture is kids friendly so no need to worry. They have their own staff to monitor the child and help them.

List of activities Bumble Jumble Has?

Role play sets

Its situated in Royal Heritage mall on 4th and 5th floor. The moment you enter the location its filled with toys. Your child will leave your hand and run towards the toys.

Let me highlight what all it has-

  • Beautiful doll houses and Barbie doll sets.
  • An interactive piano with a chair on which kids seat and play.
  • Balloon room house wherein the kids can enter the canopy and play with the flying balloons.
  • A market-fruits and vegatble market area, where kids can pretend to sell. They have a vending machine where kids can pretend to sell popcorn.
  • Role play setup like Doctor set with stethoscope ,stretcher,injections with white theme and kids can pretend to be doctor. There is a cooking area with pans where kids can pretend to cook.
  • Sand Play area:-They have a sand zone with sand toys like digger, dump truck,road roller. Kids love this area.
  • Wall games : They have a lot of wall games with animal sounds , boards .
  • Brick House wherein kids can build and break the bricks.They are multicolor and very attractive.
  • They have a 1000sqft carpet area where number of manual and battery cars,bicycle and scooters are being kept.
  • Toddler toys are being kept like rattle , balls,xylophone,ring toys and carousel animal games.
  • Block area wher a bag of blocks are kept the kids can play with them.
  • Ball pit area with slides. Seeing so many balls kids just become happy.
  • Car and Bike track. Its very difficult to get back kids from thsi track: 😛
  • Ball plaster-This is so much fun, kids can push the balls through a suction machine and balls get settle on the upper zone and when kids press the button all balls fall on them. They enjoy the rain of balls. Balls are very soft .
  • Trampoline area

Why Bumble Jumble?

  • They have activities for all age group.
  • The area is safe and kids friendly
  • 650rs for 90minutes which is worth
  • Thoughful games beautifully placed.
  • Parents can accompany their child.
  • Age appropriate games and the space is wide.
  • Its a closed play area and not in open garden so you can visit at any time
  • You need to carry socks
  • The music which is played in background is soothing.
  • The staff is helpful
  • They also have a veg restaurant attached to the play area so parents can enjoy their food while the kids play.

How do these play group help kids?

  • Games improve their interaction
  • Balls pits help them hold throw and catch balls thus improves their motor skills.
  • Role play sets improve their imagination.
  • Foster their cognitive skills by recognizing colors or counting toys.
  • Improves their concentaration and helps them focus better on various activities.
  • Playing with blocks and puzzles improves their coordination
  • Kids learn fast while playing as they can associate better.


  • Bumble Jumble -5th & 6th Floor Royal Heritage Mall, Next to Vibgyor School,Mohammadwadi, NIBM Road, Pune – 411060 ,Phone Number+91 96088 08808 , Email Id bumblejumblepune@gmail.com

Its a fun time for both parent and kids. Its a great outing for a weekend where your phone gets tired of capturing your kids photos but your kids dont stop <3

Plan a trip on any weekend and post your feedback. # bumblejumblepune @bumblejumble

@bumblejumblepune @bumblejumblepune #bumblejumble #bumblejumblepune

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