Chapter 3-The toss of events

Seven O Clock in the morning Vasu woke up and decided to meet his wife. Jaya lived 450kilo metres from the place where Vasu lived.He decided to directly reach the place.On his espionage he was thinking from where shall he start. What he will say? How to describe. One thing was sure he wanted a new start. What he have realised is , he was unfair with Jaya and Shreya. What all happened with him is a huge setback but just for a week but he want to forget his professional trance. He was thinking what he should buy for his daughter but he was not sure what he should gift.He was not even aware how month old she is, what all toys she has.He took a deep breathe and realised he has messed up everything. His phone beeped “ Priya calling” Vasu answered the call.Priya said “ Sorry to hear about what happened, did u investigate or question editor sir. Vasu said as of now I have not reacted I am taking time.Priya said your show is being replaced by Anup.There was a huge silence. Vasu said I will call u later and hung up the call.

Vasu and anup both started their career together. But anup never got a chance to do a prime show. They never got along with each other. It is always like one’s failure is an opportunity for another. But how come anup’s show got a very high TRP to replace my show. I didnot even check the chart.

Vasu took his phone and googled anup show. He checked his content for a week. He had covered the affairs about potholes, water scarcity, farmer suicide, bird flu and much more but those are not the headlines. These are the social issues.

He opened his weekly chart which covered current affairs of monsoon budget, LOC , Economy affairs ,GDP, Election rally and analysis of it. How my TRP can fall?

He took his phone book to call his friend pooja who was in BARC division. He called her “Sorry to bother you pooja but can you please share the TRP rating of my show for this entire month.Please email me.Thank you”

Chapter Four-Entourage

Vasu asked Bhaiya ,aur kitna time lagega.The driver replied “we are almost in the society”. Vasu got nervous as he had not even informed and even Jaya has not replied back.

He ranged the door bell.A lady opened the door and uttered “ Ji kiske kaam hai apko” . Vasu said Jaya. That lady said “yes yes please come,I will call her . Jaya was shocked seeing Vasu, she has not even thought of this in her dream.

Vasu enquired “ How are you , Jaya. Sorry I came without informing. “ Jaya asked what you will have Tea or Coffee? Vasu asked about Shreya. Jaya asked that lady to take him to Shreya. Vasu entered the room,Shreya was playing with dolls.The room was neat and clean with all toys arranged properly.He recollected how messy and unkept is his home .Shreya uttered Pa Pa.Vasu was touched. He took her in his arms.He felt as if entire world is healing. He was so happy , he realised what he missed. He missed her first smile. First meal,first walk and first word. Her smile was so beautiful that it led him forget all his woes. Jaya entered with tea and pakoras.

Jaya said “ why have you come here?It has been months since I came here you never bothered to call. What happened?

Vasu was silent….

To be continued……………………..

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