A very simple word but with a deep meaning. Have you ever came across compatability issue or rather thought of how compatible you are with your pattner. We always find compatability games and horoscopes very interesting. In general compatibility is something which cant be general. You need to develop with the pace of time.

For a healthy relationship it is important to understand each other words. Like what your partner want to say at that situation. Both of them should not be judgemental about each other. IF you make an impression about each other and carry the same with you life is gonna difficult. No one is perfect , forgiving and moving further will always help in being happy. The main reason of difference among a couple is they have different upbringing, different lifestyle, different places and sometime different food habits.To complicate it further, we are different individuals with different visions, habits, thoughts and priorities.Coming on one settled equation about all views is next to impossible. Compatability is not an easy ball game. “Moreover the ball should be always in your court”If you go by this idealogy the partner complains that “ It seems I am always listening to you”.Well it should be both ways but if the other partner is too lineant about planning while the other is too precise about planning the train is gonna fall apart from tracks. These are so minor yet so important issues. Two of them keep thinking “ I gave him the chance this time but he didnot do so in order to save time I jumped in to his shoes and took a call” Big deal, The other partner complains this time again we are going to your favorite destination. Yells the other partner we had a deadline and you didnot book tickets so i did it what was best that moment”

The matter of the fact is no one is wrong at that point but its just that both have different habits in scribbling things. Compatability lies amid these situations. No couple can escape from the frittle of fights. The number of anniversary you celebrate double the number of fights you remember. The next time when you land in that situation you both go in the fight zone, ego clash takeover each other spoiling the present situation in memory of the past one. The baggage of old Brittle memories spoil your present and perfect. Both of you have come a long way and might have attained some maturity to deal with the same situation in a different way.But the aura of fight does not let it simplify.A competition of letting each other down spoils the relationship.

The flavor of compatibility lies in to forgive and forget. Be always you, dont try to change. Just because your partner hates your that attitude you try to change but then you suffocate inside for not being ‘Me’. Both of you try to change for each other stepping in to each other shoes which ultimates complicates things.Remember if you are not happy individually you cannot keep your partner happy.

In the race of compatability it is not about how well you get along with your partner but it is on the individual level how well you are ready to compromise, are you ready shed your ego,are you ready to give space or accept a failure. If you yourself develop some interesting genres you will develop compatability with yourself.Start with a fresh day and fresh thoughts. If you keep juggling with what he said and what you replied you will never come out of vicious circle which will lead to troubled marriage.

The main problem is within us and we try to correct our partner in the walk of life. Instead keep correcting and simply things for ourselves. This is my version of what actually goes bad in the defination of compatability. ?

Try to be the same you with more generosity?


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  1. Sooo truee… It’s all about how well we deal with our incompatibilities !!

  2. This was such a necessary read. Thank you for sharing this. I will use this in my relationship!

  3. “The main reason of difference among a couple is they have different upbringing, different lifestyle, different places and sometime different food habits.To complicate it further, we are different individuals with different visions, habits, thoughts and priorities.” So true. Not at all what we thought about when we got together or how complicated this would get! Helps to bring humor into it. p.s. I like your blog name and concept

  4. I absolutely agree that in HEALTHY relationships, letting things be and allowing the other person to be themselves (and not try to “fix” them) is essential!

  5. I work with a lot of couples in my therapy practice and compatibility is def a factor.

  6. I definitely agree with the quote that it matter how you deal with incompatibility. My husband and I aren’t necessarily “compatible” since we come from very different backgrounds and ways of living, but we have a great relationship because we always compromise and communicate!

  7. Thank you for reading it:)

  8. Agreed, but this requires a lot of patience and understanding:)

  9. I think more than love compatibility carries more weightage:)

  10. Thats so important and is the foundation of healthy relationship. Happy to know about it:)

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