At any one point in time have you met your critics? We are always happy to meet a person who adores and appreciates us. We never want to meet our critics. But what you will do when you encounter your critics on a path where there is neither U-turn nor left-right. You have to cross paths with your critics. This situation gives you two option:-

  1. To Quit
  2. Stay back and Fight

Lets take a situation to percolate it better. Then may be we can talk about the options.

There lived Joe a person with a demeanor and charismatic attitude, whose happy-go-lucky attitude was his credit. He never believed in pressurizing anyone. He did all his tasks with a carefree attitude. He used to assign the tasks but tracking was not mandatory. If you talk about the progress report and appraisal review it was good. He concentrated more on team handling and delivering a good product. Though he had too many challenges in his way of few resources ,solutions to these problems were never addressed. He was happy with his work and spirited in his world. Only when Joe met his critic he walked down the path of demotivation.

The critics found his path to Joe and bombarded him with the feedback that he has not listened to anything from him on challenges and pre-requisite. Joe was alarmed but then took this feedback and came up with the list of challenges. When he knocked on the critics’ door again he was given a lot of surprises to come with the precise data and more elaborative.That to he was said he had done now work till now. Joe was demotivated that despite showing data quantitatively ,none of his challenges were addressed He started losing day by day. Over the month’s time, he started losing confidence. This lacking of confidence was shaken after the critics asked him what you do the entire day, I do not see any value addition from your side. Your role is not described properly, no new task you have taken in your portfolio? Though Joe had all justifications for it but no data documented with him. “Few resources can never jump in all areas. Dedicated resources are always solutions to good management.” But no one was listening to Joe. To every answer, magmatic questions arose. What he should do?

Quit: When it arouses on your self-respect you wish to quit. But quitting things these days helpful? With a lot of liabilities roaming around even quitting can land you in multiple troubles. But then Joe is highly demotivated he cannot withstand this anymore. Frustration, lack of confidence has taken him into the dark. Dark in the jungle where there are huge mangroves trees who are just growing higher and higher and Joe finds himself captivated amid the lush jungle. Quitting still will make your self-respect secured but you will always feel like a refugee who ran away. Though quitting will take away critic from your life for a moment but its a temporary solution.

Stay back and Fight: No one is perfect but composes of some flaws. We never encounter that driver who drives this bus. So Joe decided to stay back and jot down all the flaws that his critics procrastinate. Slowly and steadily every critic he started taking positively and meticulously started working on the issues. Have he ran away from these problems these might have met him somewhere throughout life. The journey was difficult and it involved huge turmoil in his life.

A few day later:-

Joe has turned out more extroverted, more documented, and the one who owns the task and makes sure he tracks and get is done. He started absorbing result oriented approach. The confidence started boosting. No matter whatever the fact was he was always outspoken to his problem and was present for the meeting with valid justifications. Whenever you have things documented with proper justifications, the question bombarded to you is less.

This way Joe turned out a bit polished rather organized before this he ways working the way he wanted but now he had learnt a few new qualities.

In a way you should accept and reject some critics.

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