Handbook to Corona

These days there is population explosion. No no! I am not talking about human population, I am talking about the mutations which corona virus is taking to give birth to new variants. Similarly there is explosion in transmission of virus among humans. Suddenly the cases are on the spurge. With this speed there will be a need to isolate COVID negative people. The new strain has landed in the bodies and is leading to a lot of mutational changes in the body. One should not be under the impression that they are safe from Corona, Corona can find his lovable host in any of us.

If you test Covid Positive. What are you supposed to do?

Do Not Panic!-You are not the only one going through this. Entire world is with you. Be mentally and physically strong.

Isolate Yourself: I know when you test positive people find it easy to say “Isolate yourself you have tested positive”. But the COVID carrier goes in the dilemma what he will do in that room for 14 days. The patient becomes mentally and emotionally sick. At that point of time think about your loved ones who can be saved from this COVID 19.SO for their happiness you have to isolate yourself and get locked with laptops, phones, books or whatever you like. If everyone test positive at your place then there is no point in isolation, you all can support each other while wearing mask and sanitizing your home on timely basis. You can motivate yourself with the jingle #wearetogetherinthis 😅

Talk to Your Doctor: After getting reports, analyze your symptoms and consult your doctor. Usually this novel virus starts with throat infection and fever. Followed by cold, weakness, lose of taste and smell. These all symptoms are considered mild if fever does not persist. But you can follow up with your doctor and now government has approved Glenmark FabiFlu and Favipiravir as the medicines for the treatment of Corona. The dosage is standardized for this, consult your doctor and start your treatment. If you are asymptomatic stick to multivitamin and vitamin C tablets. The most important is Zinc intake. So check your multivitamin if it includes zinc. Zinc is important for healthy immune system and it helps fight cold and acute respiratory disorder.In the second wave even diarrhoea is considered as one of the symptom. So donot ignore and act wisely

Contact Your chemist: Order pulse oximeter , infrared thermometer, steamer and Betadine for gargle. Pulse oximeter is required to check your oxygen level this being very important. Your oxygen level should be >93.Any fluctuation in oxygen level you need to see your doctor immediately. In infrared the ideal temperature should be around 98.6degF. As Covid virus leads to throat infection and nasal congestion gargle with betadine is advised twice /thrice a day to give you ease from those symptoms. Inhaling steam is also advised to decrease the severity of symptoms.

Breathlessness: The shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing are considered as severe symptoms. So you should take a note of it. One can do mild breathing exercise for keeping lungs healthy. It is important to take care of your lungs as Corona virus attacks the respiratory tract and can lead to pneumonia and severe underlying diseases.

Home remedies:

  • Take amla juice every day
  • It is advisable to eat the items which are rich in vitamin C. Drink a lot of water
  • Include giloy juice in your everyday routine with tulsi leaves. You can boil giloy twigs and tulsi leaves for about 10minutes , strain it and then drink it everyday.
  • Drink warm water

We all can fight COVID 19 with atmost precautions and acting on it judicially. Timely diagnosis and treatment will lessen severity and you will be back stronger and sound.

Our Honarable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has lauded vaccination drive as “Tika Utsav” to fight against this novel virus. To quote

  • Eachone , vaccinate one,
  • each one treat one
  • each one save one

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