Life gives you goals of relationships. Blood relations are from the time we born. Other relations flourish with time. During the walk of life you meet several people and build a bond.Many of them are short lived while few lasts long. What is important is, we as humans require someone constantly to be with us. Persons may change but we need some one to hold you when you feel low. When heart is pumping happiness you need people to  share and double your happiness. Doubts need to be discussed , controversies need to be sorted out. You come and go alone but you need people to live life with you.

Friends form the integral part of your life. All relations come with limitations. You cannot share your details of bf/gf with your parents. You cannot tell them about your broken heart. Home is the place where you are nurtured and prepared to fight against all obstacles. Run time plans to bunk lectures and go for movies, weekend plan all are made with friends. They play a role where you step out of your world and cherish new dreams. Learn about new challenges which do persist in life. If you are alone with no one around you can never grow because there will be no one to hold , fight, compare laugh and cheat. I feel the people who keep themselves always introvert never ever realise how it feels when you are cheated. These feeling makes you stronger and each time warn you to be careful.You have Best friends who are google to all your worries. Certain instances happen in your life and you cant resist them calling and narrating every incident.It is with your friends only you say “Zindagi Na milegi Dobara”


After marriage your betterhalf become your friend and you walk a journey until your last breathe. This is a relation where people actually spend decades together. Spending a decade actually means sharing each and every emotion. You walk together in your low times. You fight across your obstacles, weave your thoughts for your children, struggle for their future. I love the concept of entwinement of marriage. One day you become old that is the time when you need your partner more because by that time you had flourished in all exams and now just want to sit with your partner spending some “Me” time.

In every walk of life we are always guarded with some beautiful relationships which just weave beautiful memories.Memories are what we actually make in our life. With time everyone gets busy in their life but the contact and memories gets freeze. It People around us actually appreciate and discourage you. At least you understand what is wrong and on what things you need to actually work.It is difficult to judge ourselves.Togetherness only makes certain events beautiful. You cannot even celebrate your birthday alone, it becomes special with the wishes from your loved ones.

Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family.Happiness is being with the people who love, caress and understand you. When you fall they will laugh at you and then give hand and ask “Zyda lag gayi kya”.

Sometimes we just give up but its because of these loved one we live our lives and give it a new start. They give you confidence to stand up again and win again hearts.

Always win everyone’s heart . Make people happy and never give up in your life because there are so many people who love and care for you. You can never be selfish only thinking about yourself , there are many relation which you alone carry. Value and worship each one of them.

Together we laugh,together we cry!

Celebrating love of Togetherness!