Iss Diwali aap kise khush karoge!

The festival of glory and happiness is just a few steps ahead. The beam of diyas and shimmery light will enlighten our homes. No doubt Diwali is known as the big festival for multiple reasons. One of the reason depicted in our epic Ramayan is Lord Rama returned with Sita and Laxman from their 14years exile. To this response Ayodhya was lit with light an diyas to give them a warm welcome. Diwali is celebrated on Amavasya. So as the darkness allures the environment, the bright light encompasses the entire environment with its magnificent dazzle. The cacophony of fireworks add coherence with the lights.

Diwali is known special for many reasons. But this year we all badly needed this festival. In the time of pandemic when everyone felt loneliness and saturations from the black and white life of work from home, Diwali is surely going to bend everyone to their knees.

Diwali is all about meeting your loved ones, eating sweets, exchanging gifts, and seeking blessings. But in a pandemic when everyone is trying to avoid travel this digital world has all answers to your woes. With the commercial popping after every serial or popping in between the songs are focusing on wishing happy Diwali on video calls. Spending Diwali with your rent owners. The brands like Coco-Cola and pantaloons have stepped into these shoes to promote emotional marketing. Branding with an emotional element. If you have not visited, visit now.


Coco Cola has also joined this league and you can see the commercial featuring Paresh Rawal and Ranbir Kapoor. Check out now

The feeling during this festival are at the pinnacle and emotional too. Everyone just loves to be pampered , blessed and thankful. Cadbury took this chance to entertain their audience and give festive vibes.

#cadbury celebrations

What is common in all these ads is feeling, emotions, and festive vibes. Every time we see these ads the vibes of festivity get absorbed in our blood and we feel more motivated and happy. It creates the entire atmosphere more chivalrous and divine.

At the end the true happiness lies in making other happy. A small gesture can bring a broad smile. Every parent teaches their child to seek blessings on their festivity and the same is reciprocated by kinder Joy.


At the end how much ever this pandemic stops us from celebrating the festival of lights. Never stop your zeal. Celebrate the festival of lights and be happy.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!!

To aap iss diwali kisse khush kar rahe hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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