management hacks

Management Hacks

In this pandemic where the charismatic walls have converted into black and white professional walls. Where the voice used to echo about food, sleep, rest, and relaxation, the reflection of echo comes ” I am on call”. Zoom is what stays in the house for a longer time. The professional stress of bullying, work pressure, politics, performance are revolving around the house making the atmosphere filthy. The ammunitions surrounding work from home will differ after the pandemic has started. The remote work culture has gone the ugly way by employers being distrustful and employees need to support their statement with every document of specifying where the time has gone. The chit chat and gossip corner which everyone used to love during lunchtime are badly missed. Now they have no specific time. Being at home, family members don’t sit together for lunch, its the zoom who is the partner. To everyone’s dismay no promotion, no increments but layoff are prevailing. I understand the economy is blamed for that. But we need to find a solution.

Management Ideas to help ease you from roasting yourself on an oven,

Planning: This is of the utmost importance in our life and we all do to some extent,But with time when you are doing the same task every day, it becomes monotonous . No one will take an extra privilege to sit back,ponder and try to optimize it but this is the heck it can exploit it and lead you to distraught.

Tip: Start planning at any moment of the time. It will help ease your task and give you some room to optimize things.

Management: You may ponder why is this being listed in the next bullet. It is similar to planning. Management is a wide set in which planning resides as a subset. With time when you are being on every call, every task you fail to notice that you are spending 9.5 hours of a day on calls handling clients, sprint planning, scrum calls and so on. You may feel you are doing the task very well but here you make a big heck you are comprising your competency.

Tip: One should always manage tasks on individual level which will help you grow individually. You need to manage which call you should take or which can be handled by your team/colleague.

Documentation: Everyone runs away from the documentation. You always rely on verbal communication and discussions. You are ready to spend hours on calls but ten minutes for documents is tedious work. But this is an alar,. Preparing documents after every meeting keeps you handy with every task. The next time you need some information you can refer to that document. Instead of looking for the person and testing his memory if he is able to recall the info.

Tip: Start documentation all information. It can save you one day from gross mistake.

Push: Be it delivering a baby or push and pull strategy. Push is a factor which helps you meet your goals. If you push yourself 50% you are using only 20%. Even though you push yourself 100% you are at 80%, 20% you are still at loggerhead, push yourself to stay motivated. Pushing yourself creates aggression which never let you feel burdened. It makes you feel ambitious.

Tip: If you are manager/team leader/director healthy push to your employees will be worthy enough for everyone, Not my healthy push :p

Deadlines: In every organization we all are chasing deadlines. Meeting Deadlines deliver your output, productivity and goals.

Tip: Try segregating your tasks under the label” Action item” and set a deadline for every task. This way you will push yourself to achieve a deadline and not just chasing it.

Leadership: Leveraging leadership quality is an art. Not many can agree that they possess that skill. While playing sports one must have agreed that leadership is necessary but why after stepping into the world of management you dun give your team the chance to goal. If you don’t do this you will end up piling things.

Tip: Start distributing your work with your team, This will give you enough room to perform new tasks and this way make your team responsible for their tasks.

Mix up: Try to balance your professional and personal life. Mixing up both of them will leave you in clutter.

Tip: No matter what is your experience or expertise never stop working on yourself.L

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  1. wonderful post. I can’t relate because im a college student athlete, but its applicable to every aspect of life.

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