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If you turn on your television sets  the burning topic which is breaking the internet is Ram Mandir with a tag line when the vanvas of Lord Ram will end? Supreme Court is adjourning the court every time with a new date. The verdict is deferred thus hurting sentiments of people every time. Why is Ayodhya so near and dear to people.

The Suravamshi King reign started ruling in Ayodhya and Lord Ram belongs to that dynasty. Lord Ram was the seventh reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. His siblings were Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna. They all belonged to the royal family and had their own challenges. Lord Ram also known as Ram Chandra used to preach.

Raghukul reet sada chali aaye

praana jaaye par vachan na jaye”

He had always worked towards keeping his promise. One’s life may be lost but a promise once made will never be broken. That is why he is also known as Maryada Purushottam. Once Lord Brahma had sent time to meet Lord Rama and inform him that his end has come and he needs to return to heaven. While meeting Rama the sage had put one condition in front of Rama that no one should disturb them as it is a very important meeting. So Lord Ram request Lakshman to follow his orders. While the meeting was proceeding sage Durvasa appeared and requested to meet Lord Rama but Lakshman  requests him to wait as already Lord Rama was in a meeting but the sage was in hurry and finally knocked on the door. Now Lakshman knew that his end has come. He said to Rama please do not lament to what has happened. You are known as a man of your own words. I take your leave and please don’t curse yourself. Lakshman went to river Sarayu till the middle of the river and converted into its original form of Adhishesha on which Lord Vishnu resides. Lord Rama comes to Bharat and requests him to accept the kingdom but Bharat and Shatrugunha refuses and accompanies Lord Rama. Finally, three of them come to the river Sarayu. Lord Rama offers the kingdom to Luv and kush and to the sons of Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatragunha respectively.They bid their final goodbye.

Lord rama

Three of them gets submerged in the river Saraya and start the journey towards heaven. Lord Rama turns in Vishnu, Bharat and Shatragunha turn in to shankh and chakra. Adhishehsa hunch is head over and behind Vishnu thus everyone standing there, witness Lord Vishnu. Thus river Sarayu is so near to everyone. Thus every human being who comes to earth has to leave one day leaving everything here on the earth. So why to fight and envy anyone. Rama has set an example for all humans that one day you have to leave everything and come to the abode of heaven. Lord Rama always wanted us to remember his preaching and teaching and follow them.

Lord Rama

What lays behind is just the name and their teachings which gives us the motive of life. So fighting for this is of no uses instead everyone should say “Jai Shree Ram”.We can only do our duty rest lies in the hand of a deity. Politics on this spiritual feeling is of no use. We just need everyone to follow his path and let Lord Rama resides in everyone’s heart.




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