The best diaper

The Best Baby Diaper


As soon as you become parents the very next moment you reach to the shop looking for diapers. The shopkeeper will start naming the brands of diaper and you are left dumbstruck as to ask for which brand. You have heard all the brand names in various advertisements but which one to buy is the biggest question.You think what is the best diaper? Which will give the baby best overnight experience. Baby essentials are the most important and need to be well ensured that it gives the baby the most delicate touch.

Brand: Mamy Poko Pants. A japanese brand which focuses on baby essentials.

Summary :

Mamy Poko Pants are the innvators of first pant style diapers.Our experience with these pant style diaper was amazing. They are the most reliable diapers with Premium Japan quality. We never experinced leakage or tearing of diaper. As the newbie mother you are counting the endless joy, in the journey of joy baby essential are the most important.Mamy Poko pants enhances this joy with supremen delicate touch and keeps the baby dry entire night. Preventing leakge at the night is the need of that hour.


  • We can be assure of their qulaity as they perform several tests on raw materials.
  • They select the materials which are soft and safe to be used.
  • Reduce the burden of baby rearing tasks. So baby can enjoy good sleep.
  • Hassle free sleep because there is no stress of wetness.
  • Avoids leakage.
  • Easy to wear.
  • They come under the range of affordable in terms of price.
  • They are user friendly, easy to make babies wear that. You dont need to hold the baby to tuck the diaper
  • They come in different options ranging from newborn to XXL
  • They are fit to be worn for 12 hours. We have tried it till 12 hours it was never irritating for babies.They have various range of diapers with different features which vary from different age groups to focus on your child’s development.
  • High absorption powers. Building soft relations with baby skin.


The most important question for me when i was a newbie mom was -will it give rashes to my baby skin?I was worried I used to apply powder and then make my baby wear diaper. But thankfully ,I never encountered this problem with Mamy Poko Pants. Diaper rash problem was not pervalent.The diaper never smelled. The overall look with Mamy Poko pants was elegant. The extra bulge that baby is wearing a diaper was never seen. It fitted like a pant and made the overall personality lovely:p

Mamypoko newborn baby are lovely. There are a lot of diaper deals available on them. There are many brands available in the market but what I shared as the best diaper as mamy poko pants is purely my experince and I have shared my best overnight experince with mamy poko pants.


Mamy poko Pants face strong competition with pampers, Huggies, Himalayas. But I always opted for Mamy Poko Pants. They all differ in structure and vary on price range. Pampers comes under premium range.

Where to Buy:

They are easily available online and offline. You can buy from amazon, flipkart,bigbasket,Grofers, first cry and readily available at your nearest stores.

What are you waiting share your experiences in comment box.

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