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The Nestery-Engaging Children Meaningfully

I came across this brand on instagram and I used to see their products too often on my feed. Finally it let me to open it browse it and view it. After a few days the product was in the cart and soon on my kids lap. I got introduced to their brand ,as a brand which has books for kids for several age group. They have story book shelf which attracts you more to buy the books and arrange the shelf:p Be it of any genre like religion mythology, sci-fic,mystery,adventure,fairy tales and motivational books they have a lot of stories. I was amazed at the content which they showcase. You can select as per your kids age. They also have a set of books which consists of 10 stories books(age 2-6 years) curated together in a theme name(for eg animal theme). I recently purchased this similar set for my kid and he really enjoyed it. It was a set of 10 books( Toddler Animal theme Combo) . They also write on the book as Level 1 and Level 2 which helps you decide as per your kids age. To add to this they have books on various languages not restricted to only English but Hindi, Tamil, Telugu,Benagli books etc .

Let me brief you about Nestery-Nestery was born to suffice various parents requirments where parents can select handpicked items for their kids which keeps them engaged and attentive.Nestery is a story of every parents who wants the best for their child and parents get lot of activity options for their kids. Under the umbrella “The nestery ” you get books, toys,DIYS ,organizers and they are extending ,growing day by day.

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When you visit their website. The drop down itself focuses on the milestones of your child growth.

  • Learn:It includes the rhymes books,puzzle, box counting number, animals ,books and lot more
  • Play: It includes toys, soft toys, card games, pretend games ,activity games,disc,cube, wagon R train
  • Read: It includes books on various genre categorised according to various age groups.
  • Create:Your own kitchen, sandwich maker, colors set,DIY gardening kits, yarns,DIY art and craft kits
  • Decorate: Its about storage and organization of the items which you buy from them. Like I mentioned buy lots of books and buy storage of books:P
  • Celebrate: Festival items and birthday props.

The website also guides you on the items which you can select under handpicked for you. It has set of books with taglines “Reduce your kids screen time with these 8 products” If you are confused what to buy you can refer editors’pick .

The website is quite interactive and user friendly. It will surely let you to buy some products for your kids.The quality of books are very good.The way they illustrate the story is really engaging. Pictures are very attractive. What drew my attention was the books are published under Pratham Books, a non-profit publisher introducing children to the joy of reading. Isn’t that amazing?They bring so much joy to these littles avid readers.

On the part of marketing they are doing an amazing job in terms of website or social media marketing. They have social media presence and are every where. Logo is also so appealing and eye catchy to which child can relate to. If you talk about the delivery my product was delivered in 3-4 days. On the pricing if you ask my experience I bought a set of 10 books for INR 435.00 .After recieving the product I though it was worth buying it. .So guys go to their website, explore, shop and let me know your views on the same.

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