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This Diwali Go for #Vocalforlocal!

I know this post will reach a little late to my avid readers but its never too late until the end. Diwali is round the corner but are you getting the same vibes which you used to get two years back. When every shopkeeper or seller used to decorate their shop with bliss and happiness.Each and every shop used to glitter with light chandliers ,electric diyas and lot more but this time the celebration is there but the charm is missing. The decoration are there but not as beautiful as it used to be. Because that time every shopkeeper heart and mind were satisfied. They were happy with their revenue. This lockdown has affected these shopkeeper and sellers so badly . We cannot miss thinking that half the time their shops were closed.

The time of COVID was devastating and fearful. The loss from COVID will always be evident. It is difficult to overcome. But we all can hold each other hands to let everyone start walking again. We can be a little more kind and helpful to the people around us. If you talk about around us the first people who we see just when we cross our society are shopkeepers and local vendors.

Why not get vocal for local and celebrate diwali with them!The ecommerce websites are also helping these local selelrs to come under the same roof to uplift our economy so why not give our contribution too.

Advantages of buying from local. #vocalforlocal.

  • Supporting local vendors is supporting our local economoy. Uplifting handicrafts,art and handloom industry.
  • We can visit the shop ,talk to them ,see the variety and then select the product.
  • During diwali we need diyas, lanterns,chandliers and decorative items. We can buy from the nearest shops and explore the variety. Make sure you buy earthen diyas because deepavali means deep which lies as an integral part in the name itself. Clay diyas are ecofriendly and safe to use. Think about the potters who carve and curate them just to light your homes.
  • You can bring these items home with utmost care so that they dont break. These items need to be handled with care so buy from the shops.
  • Beautiful lanterns are handmade and grace the beauty of shop.Go and buy from them.
  • Diwali is all about gifting to your loved ones. Be it bedsheets,curtains,linen, dresses and more gifting items we can buy from the nearest store.
  • The shops offer handmade chali and lot of food items freshly made.
  • If you have any complaint you can visit the shop and express your greivances.
  • You can get the item immediately ,you dont need to wait for days.
  • Buying locally can save the environment because your product has less added carbon footprint. Buying locally lowers the dependance of your product being transported from vast distances.
  • The beautiful flowers of marigold ,lotus flower,mango leaves, jasmine for Goddess laxmi bring home the fresh flowers and feel the aroma of them. This Diwali stand with a difference and post a little different.
  • If you prefer buying laxmi idols every year. Go for ecofriendly hand made ones. Clay bring the divine alve with its beauty. A handmade murti is more spiritual than buting foreign items.
  • Lets talk about the beautiful traditional outfits which you don every where. This diwali make sure your outfit reflect our rich culture. This would usher in prosperity for million of people who stitch and weave to keep our culture intact.

Diwali is the only festival when every class of people shop and buy new items for their homes. Just to welcome Goddess laxmi to bless them with prosperity and happiness.

Wising all my readers a very happy diwali!!!!!

Keep helping and spreading the light.


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