Its quite weird and absurd but you might have heard by many people “The best place is to sit is my washroom, I love to sit there for hour and relax” You may find it lame but seriously washroom is a place where you sit and relax mentally and physically. No one will disturb you there. You don’t have pressure of answering anyone, opening door ,arranging stuff, babysitting ,preparing or much more. You do only one task in your loo. Surrounding with your toiletries you spend a good time.

These days people spend good amount of time and money on the décor of toilets. Be it the flooring or toiletries or plants or candles. In order to keep the atmosphere calm and soothing. The beauty products that they endorse in washroom keep the atmosphere rejuvenating. Away from the walk of life people enjoy some “me time”. This is the reason you will encounter people saying ” I compose my few songs or get an idea about something in my toilet as I can concentrate more there” In the daily routine we never realize how much we run for our daily chores that we forget to spend some “me time”.

The era started with carrying newspapers in toilets but now as mobile phone has become quintessential people cannot ignore their phone. Its annoying when someone sits for hours inside but then this is current new normal. Be it answering calls , or reading notifications to tagging people on memes or answering their whatsapp the mental peace is replaced by social network. the place where people used to relax has been taken by phone. But the question comes

Should we carry phone to toilets?

The answer is clear No. Be it on the front of screen time where doctors always advice to reduce your screen time to germs sitting on your phone. Carrying phone to your loo make washing your hands relentless.

Dr Ackerley said: “If you take your phone to the toilet then you risk getting it covered in germs. … So you don’t want those on your phone. “To put it bluntly, germs go through toilet paper, so after you have finished on the loo, your hands are dirty, which is why you wash them afterwards.

You will not wash over thirty thousand phone or more after every visit to your loo. It becomes very mingling habit which you fail to change. The level of contamination differ as per the location. While a few people follow this process only at their homes. I probably assume they might be sanitizing or cleaning it properly. The hygiene is of utmost importance. But the question comes however clean your toilet is ,after cleaning your buttocks you touch your phone, bacteria will thrive on your phone. Being a important organ of your body you keep your phone next to you while eating, lifting your babies, cooking and so on. Just think to how many bacteria you are getting exposed. The scientists reveal that we tend to expose ourselves to bacteria’s like E Coli C, Salmonella etc. These bacteria may lead to diseases like typhoid,diarrhea etc.

According to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan, your phone is covered in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be precise. This makes cell phones one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.

I hope these figures may wake you up and drop your habit of carrying phone to your loo. So, instead of taking your phones to the loo, start taking the daily tabloids again. The newspapers and magazines are much more hygienic as you don’t reuse them and they are scrapped off in a day. Or, take nothing. Having a few minutes of nothingness in a day is worthwhile.

While I think the best thing to do in your loo is to Relax 😛

As my post title suggest toi latte, here is a miniature to denote it.:p

6 thoughts on “Toi-latte

  1. Agree. I find people are attached to their phone. I have been at meetings and there are more phones on the table than people.

  2. Phones should stay out of company and loos, I totally agree. Even an upside down phone on a table in company to me signals that I am less important to the owner of the phone than the phone itself. It will buzz or go off, get looked at and that to me it just wrong. Please leave it on silent and do not acknowledge anything on your phone while in company, be it a private meeting with friends or at work. When you’re done with the social or work meeting, then by all means get back on your phone but please do not even look at it while in company.

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