Why it is important to perform Tulsi Vivah?

In the Hindu Calendar the Kartik month marks as the most auspicious month which brings lots of prosperity. As the calendar marks the biggest festival on Kartik Amavasya as Diwali to celebrate the arrival of Lord Rama, Laxman and Goddess Sita. After Diwali the eleventh day marks as the Devuthani Ekadashi. It is believed that God wake up after so many months and now all good celebration can sprung in. The marriage festivities start after this day. But before that we celebrate Tulsi vivah which is organized on this Ekadashi

But do you know who is Tulsi , whom she is married to?

Why she is getting married to Lord Vishnu?

Why we celebrate Tulsi Vivah?

Hang on there is a beautiful story depicted in our Purans-

The story begins with the birth of Jalandhar who is born from the arrow directed by Lord Shiva. In the rage Lord Shiva shoots Indra with this arrow but when Indra asks for forgiveness he redirects the arrow to the ocean which manifests into a crying baby. Happy with the child, ocean adopts that child and Brahma names him as Jalandhar. He grows up as the fair handsome men . Born in the ocean he wanted to acquire all the treasure of ocean but it belonged to Devas. One day the asuras visit him and tell him the story of churning of ocean and how Vishnu mislead them and disguised as Mohini and gave the nectar to Devas. Jalandhar tried to shoot the war on devas.

Now comes the next character Brinda who was the devotee of Lord Vishnu but he gets married to Jalandhar. Jalandhar was powerful because he was given boon that no one can kill him till his wife is chaste and only Lord Shiva can kill him. So he tried to create havoc in devlok. Everyone was unhappy with this and pleaded for help with Vishnu. Everytime Jalandhar went on war, Brinda used to start the prayers and pray to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was happy with her devotee. He said I cannot deceive her. One day Jalandhar comes to fight with Lord Vishnu but he refuses and tells him “you are my brother in law as my wife considers you as her brother. As Goddess Laxmi was also born out of ocean.” Happy on hearing this he left the abode. Now he decides to fight with Shiva and acquire Mount Kailash but in vein. As his strength and havoc were increasing it was the time to stop Jalandhar. One day while Brinda was praying, Lord Vishnu disguised as Jalandhar and said “Stop praying, I won the war with Shiva” She came and touched Lord Vishnu. Unaware of the fact that he was not her husband. The boon of Jalandhar was shattered and Lord Shiva killed him and cut the head of Jalandhar.

When Brinda came to know that she was tricked by Lord Vishnu she was inconsolable and cursed him to convert into a stone. She felt how someone can become so heartless , Lord Vishnu accepted her words and near the river Gandaki he turned himself into a stone named as Shaligram. Lord Vishnu said in the rebirth you will be born as Tulsi plant and you will always be very dear to me. I will accept the prayers who worshipped Tulsi first and then me. He will accept the devote offering only with Tulsi leaves, From that day started the tradition of Tulsi vivah.

In the Hindu mythology Tulsi Puja plays an extraordinary role for Hindus. It is believed that Lord Vishnu in the Shaligram avtar married Goddess Tulsi on this Ekadashi. According to Hindu scriptures, Tulsi is considered as Goddess Laxmi. Worshipping her will destroy all your sins and bring prosperity. Tulsi plant is believed to have a lot of medicinal properties and removes all negatives energy from home. So people always plant Tulsi in their homes.

Shubh Vivah!!

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