10 reasons why cricket is the most loved sport!

India is multi-sporting nation where Hockey, badminton, tennis,football are played. Out of which cricket is the most favorite sport. From kids to youngsters to aged everyone is the huge fan of cricket.With the Asia Cup broadcasting on television sets the fans are getting berserk.

1.) Since childhood cricket is what every boy chase for. I have seen several boys , even while walking you will find them doing bowling action. Every boy and even a girl has a bat and ball. Children also easily assimilate cricket. Its a sport which connects every one.

galli cricket

2.) Wherever you are ,if it’s a final match you will find everyone constantly checking scores or asking each other. There was one instance when during world cup 2011, there was semi final match and i was travelling from Delhi  to Mumbai by train. My whole concentration was on the match. At that time mobiles were not that tech savvy and even there was no option to watch live watch but still you could buffer it and watch. There were calls from everyone’s home , telling scores and then the next person will reveal “I have the latest update” then everyone will join the discussion. I still remember one of the girl on her laptop with the dongal tried watching the match. And everyone was right there. It felt the people from entire compartment has just accumulated there. But as the train was  moving the internet connectivity was low.Still hopes were high and finally train stopped at Kota station and the connection resumed. We all could finally watch the winning shot and suddenly there was so excitement and happiness in the compartment. No one knew each other but they all celebrated the victory. Cricket bring people from different area and religion together.

semi final

3.)On the day of finale you will find  television with ablaze by media constantly covering stories where people gather together for worship  for team’s victory.There will be separate shows only discussing about cricket. The fervor of cricket is so much that you are always updated and people take every decision personally.During live match you will always hear commentary at your home when everyone will say “aree ye ball kyu miss kar di, full toss tha” .You will always hear claps and whoaa sound after every 4 and 6.


4.)After the victory of favorite team there is huge celebration. You will feel its the festival of light. Lot of Crackers ablaze just to celebrate. I still remember during the World cup on 2nd April 2011 when we won the world cup it was a very emotional moment and we celebrated till 2 am dancing in our hostel.

world cup 2011

5.)Commentary is the background sound of cricket. The high pitch and low pitch with which they keep on talking helps you gasp your breathe. Its the flavor of cricket.In a group when everyone is new you will find people to talk about cricket and no more they are strangers to each other. this one topic works wonder for everyone.

6)IPL has also brought lot of connectivity to Cricket where people across the globe come to participate in the game. What associated everyone with the came is regional connectivity like people of Mumbai support Mumbai Indians. The USP of this league is that it gives chances to youngsters,and everyone gets the chance to play this game.Its a good platform for several new comers.


7.) Compared to other sports, cricket has more number of coaching centres in the entire country. This factor is hugely responsible in drawing more and more young children, who aspire to be future cricketers. We have such great players who train the young people.

net practise

8.) If you talk about the facility , almost in each and every state there is at least one world-class cricket stadium which has even led for an over all development.With T-20 in place its has also attracted several viewers with this format. Each and every format makes cricket more a desirable choice.

9.) With social media and hashtags people take the internet by storm during match with constant tweets about their wishes and updates.

#cricket #liveupdates

10. India over the years have produced a bunch of world-class cricketing legends who at some point or the other have taken the cricketing world by storm. Batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, captains consisting the likes of Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli to name a few. Their pictures and posters are pasted over walls and are idolized by numerous boys and girls.


Though it’s just a sport but for many cricket is passion!


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  1. I just love a passionate sport (!) For me, it’s tennis. No, I don’t PLAY tennis — I just love and adore its combination of athleticism and intelligence. It’s like chess, only physical.

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