10 things I love about Friends

F.R.I.E.N.D.S a series which aired from September 22nd 1994 to May 6th 2004. A total of 10 seasons were telecasted in this span of time. After it aired last episode this was not the end , people still have that friends series on their pen drives ,hard drives or on their laptops. People keep on watching these episodes infinite time and still love it. People have been waiting eagerly to know if their will be an another season of friends. Viewers waited with their heart to feel the magic again. It was after 17years a reunion was telecasted on 31st May 2021 and people really went gaga over it. Everyone was waiting for that day. And finally when it aired it was nostalgia to see the entire cast together reminiscing their shooting days, best scenes, experiences and background stories. They really garner a huge fan following.

What I love about the Friends ?

The starting credits : Near the fountain when the song starts to pour and these lines gives me Goosebumps every time I hear. It gives a belief that you can have someone for u more than your family.

I’ll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you
(Like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you
(‘Cause you’re there for me too)

Characters: All the characters if you notice are different from each other which created a lot of spice and entertainment. If you talk about Ross he is a caring brother to Monica , a good friend to Chandler and Joey, a boy friend to Rachel. His character has lot of shades which had added more bliss to the show. Monica has been shown a good cook who loves to cook and everyone joined Monica and Ross for dinner. Their house is the venue for all the fun. Rachel is self centric but the way she gelled up with Monica and Phoebe gave us more laughs. She is quite warm hearted. Joey catchphrase “how you doin” with all his girlfriends over the series has become quite famous. He is been shown as a struggling actor who never gives up and keep on giving auditions. He is an amid food lover. This surely added humor. Chandler Bing and Joey are flat mates and Chandler always comments Joey sarcastically. He is known for his sarcasm. Phoebe was shown someone who was sweet at heart and often she tells her tales about living on the streets, She just wants ti play guitar with unusual lyrics at the coffee shop. The combination of all them together is a magic.

Coffee Shop: I loved their idea of meeting together in the evening at the coffee shop where phoebe played guitar and every one discussed about how their day was. They would laugh and pull each others legs and just be happy.

Relationship: I loved the way Monica and Chandler decided to be together and adopted kids. The chemistry of Ross and Rachel faced lots of ups and downs but we loved their chemistry. The way they made each other jealous, ignoring each other and eventually settling down together.

Gaming Sessions: Friends has portrayed DIY theme party Games.

1)One with the ball: Joey and Ross were tossing the ball then Monica and Chandler join them in the game. The game lasted for several hours until Phoebe dropped the ball on the table.

2)Cups: This was the game invented by Chandler just to help Joey when he was moving out of the apartment. He made the rules to let Joey win.

3)Don’t lose the apartment: In this game host was Ross and Monica and Rachel were the team and Chandler and Joey on the other team. Monica and Rachel bet that they knew Chandler and Joey better than them. There was a bet who knows Chandler and Joey better. They had wagered their apartment for the bet and ultimately Chandler and Joey win the bet. Monica and Rachel lose the apartment

These games are so engaging and relative. It really leaves the fans more intriguing and I really loved it.

The Last Episode: When Rachel mingles with Ross and Chandler and Monica leave the apartment with their kids is a complete nostalgia. Their last coffee at the central park was full of emotions.

Emotions: All the episodes feature a roller costar ride of emotions wherein Rachel left her fiancé and ran away, Ross has failed marriages , chemistry with Rachel, Chandler leaving the apartment of Joey, Rachel going through his pregnancy all alone, Phoebe meeting her twin sister, Chandler dealing with his professional pressure yet it was always perfectly curated in one thread. They made us laugh and cry.

Girl Gang: The chemistry of trio Rachel, Phoebe and Monica was lovely. Be it dressing together or partying in pyjamas they were always flawless. There was never a dull moment.

Fighting moments: Be it a conversion between Ross and Monica they ultimately end up making up ” I am your sister and will always think good about u”. Ross and Rachel unending arguments, Rachel and Monica catfights. Chandler and Joey childish banters where in all Phoebe was peacemaker among all.

Celebrations: Be it thanksgiving celebration or birthday parties all the home décor and Monica was the perfect organizer. The décor of the home was warm and informal. But we surely loved it every bit.

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  1. Such a fun series. It’s my daughter’s all time favorite show! Did you watch the FRIENDS Reunion?

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