5 simple Health tips-

There are various topics and thoughts to discuss but out of which health is something which we always ignore. We need someone to constantly remind us to follow a good routine.So health tips always works wonder.

Early to bed ,Early to Rise makes the man healthy wealthy and wise.

Our childhood proverb which we used to recite too much, but now do we actually ponder over it. Proper sleep is very important in life. You might have noticed that if you are being deprived of sleep, the next day becomes lazy. You are no more fresh like flowers :p.You ending up getting up late and thus simply run to complete your morning chores. 8 hours of sleep is what we should all chase for.


Health is Wealth

In terms of achieving wealth sometime we ignore our health. Like a clock we just keep running and at the end of month salary gets credited in our account but what about our the credit of good health. You ignore your daily routine and simple bunch on junk food . Junk food always have an appealing aroma which always pulls us towards them. Hard to resist we binge on those foods. One day we start gaining weight and could not understand what is the reason. The reason is we binge on junk food which has no vitamins and nutrients but only calories. So we should spend some time with our body understanding what our body loves and what suits best for your body.

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”


Exercise for 30  minutes

Everyone advises you to exercise for 30 minutes but is it that easy? Sparing 30 minutes for exercise is really a work of dedication and determination. If you cannot spare 30 minutes in the morning , you can always find alternatives. Try to do as much as work by yourself. We are totally dependent on technology for all our works. Try to walk as much as you can in your home. That will involve your less sitting and putting on calories. You will feel active and refreshed. Try using lift for some floors. You can always alight and step 3 floors. Make sure you use them.

Moral is Never ever , depend on any one  for your work  Be it technology or human make sure you do all your work by yourself. This way there wont be any criteria for 30 minutes.On the weekends you can always go cycling.


Avoid Sugar

We all feel that people who are diabetic need to avoid sugar while this is not the case. Sugar is very additive and causes insulin resistance, diabetes, and weight gain. We all have noticed when we eat too  much of sweets we feel lazy and drowsy. Sweets are really very tempting and relishing. We can always avoid eating too much of it. One piece of it wont cause much disaster. You need to avoid too much sugar in your daily routine. Like drink milk with out sugar.In a day make sure you are not having too much sweet.Drink too much of water. Avoid aerated drinks as they have loaded sugar , while you can always have fresh fruit juices.Though they too contain sugar but a new review of studies shows that eating a lot of this naturally sweet produce is actually connected to lower body weight. 

avoid sugar

Good Lifestyle

Good lifestyle is the key to be healthy. Eat your meals properly. Stay motivated.Create positive vibes in your life. Avoid too much salt and fried items they make you look bulky. If you follow a good lifestyle you will never have to switch yourself to diet. Imbibe good spiritual and mental health. Include fruits and salad in your diet.Consume items to a limit because addiction of anything is harmful and it is rightly said” Eat to Live and not Live to Eat


“Live Happy,be happy and your heart will be healthy.

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