Thailand Rescue

The story of Thailand Cave Rescue

The Story of Thailand cave Rescue-

The 12 children with their coach (Wild Boars) Had planned their trip to Tham Luang to celebrate birthday of one of their friend. All happy and cheerful they took their torches , parked their bikes at the entrance of caves and were all set to party.June 23rd was the day and rain was forecasted .They might have never thought that this excursion would turn deadly and they wont be able to come out till 10th July 2018. All of them were stuck as they could not pass the inundated water which was flowing through the caves.

Their parents becomes frantic and complained to officers. After 24 hours the search started and thankfully it was because of their bikes they could make out that they can be inside. Finally Thai frogmen were incorporated that task but they were not accustomed to cave diving and lacked equipments. It was only when the cave divers have reached the venue they started diving but it was not easier for them as well, as gloomy cold currents swept across the cave. The process was becoming tougher and more over the rain was just logging the water.Despite of this they have no option but to to keep walking facing the current. The waves were so cold that it was difficult to sustain.

On 10th Day-July 2nd the British divers saw 13 people stranded at the end of the cave with no water, and food.It was completely dark and had survived by sipping the condensation from the cave walls.Now after seeing them there was a sign of hope but still there were talks around that they might have to be inside for four months until the seasons of rains subside. This was horrifying for everyone.The biggest challenge was rains and lack of oxygen. The level of oxygen was decreasing day  by day and had reached 15%. The navy seal commanders had started their process by carrying food and oxygen cylinder to children until the road map of rescue is made.During this process hero Navy Seal Mr Samant Kunont died due to lack of oxygen.

Now it was important to evacuate rain water from the cave, Meanwhile, efforts to drain the cave, through pumps and a makeshift dam, began producing results. Crags and outcroppings emerged from the murk. The most waterlogged passage, which had taken five hours to navigate in the early going, could now be traversed in two hours with the help of guide ropes.The next challenge was as the players did not know to swim they have to find out new options.

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They needed full-face masks into which a rich oxygen mix was pumped was provided by American . The 30-strong American team, which was integral to the planning, recommended that each child be confined in a flexible plastic cocoon, called a Sked, which is marketed as a rescue stretcher and is a standard part of the Air Force team’s gear.Rope was laid through out the cave to provide a path. Operation to Rescue then began!

Thailand’s new king donated supplies, and people across the nation volunteered in any way they could, cooking meals for rescuers, operating pumps to suck water out of the cave and hunting for hidden cracks in the limestone formations through which the Wild Boars could perhaps be lifted to safety.It was only after 18days that the nation heaved a sigh of relief.

Wild Roars

The entire world has come together to airlift these 13 players. Each one of them have prayed and supported to their best.Though this was not easy but they had to do it and they have finally done it. All the children with their coach are safe and are recovering.This incident again proved if we do our task with sheer determination and dedication then everything is possible. Yet we can also say miracles also happen when you try for it.


Kudos to the entire team!

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