Alarming Need of Ventilators.

In order to describe it easy ventilators are artificial respirators. They are mechanical instruments who pump oxygen to our lungs through a tube which goes through our mouth and ultimately to lungs.Ventilators help to supply owgen to our body externally. When our body is not able to pump oxygen these ventilators act a life saving machine.

Why are we talking about ventilators now?

As we all are aware that the world is hit by the second wave from COVID 19 novel virus. This wave is worst than the first wave. As this novel virus attacks upper and lower respiratory tract lungs are the most affected. These ultimately affect the oxygen levels. There are so many patients who are suffering from hypoxia ie. low oxygen level.We need ventilators to pump oxygen artifically and maintain the oxygen level in one’s body.We can also use oxygen therapy where in we use oxygen cylinders to deliver oxygen safely to the patient. However there are certain issues of oxygen leakage and the cylinder needs to be changed timely. But the important thing is to decide when to use ventilators and oxygen cylinders. Ventilators are basically use for breathing(breathe in and breathe out. It follows the process inspiration and expiration). While oxygen cylinders pump oxygen passively to cell membranes to maintain oxygen level and eliminate carbon dioxide from the bloodstream.

Why it is frightening now?

The problem of hypoxia is aggravating because of shortage in beds in hospitals . More alarming is shortage in oxygen cylinders and ventilators. You talk about the two important metropolitan cities Mumbai and Delhi who are juggling with this severe condition. We cannot even think about the rural areas graving with this condition. The novel virus affecting lungs and to combat with the problem we are falling short of resources. Many people rich or poor are suffering from the same problem of shortage in resources. They are left in dismay because there are several people in queue looking for the same.

What can Be done?

We all cannot do much about it. Praying is the only solution which we have. Taking precautions is the second step. Third step is to help people. We are desperately in need of researches who can develop ventilators and come forward to help the country in this grave situation. We all can look forward for biomedical Engineers to design the device very soon., We also look forward for IITs researchers and all top institutes to help combat this situation. The next step is to fund the project who are capable of designing the units but need funds to develop large number of units.

The world is combating the worst situation. What we all can do is stay alarmed and act wisely. We can be of help to any one. We cannot even say that come forward and donate oxygen cylinders because the manufacturing is not able to support the current surge in demand. But we can think of different ideas of outsourcing. For this we can request Government to take the help of more developed nations to help and support us by supplying ventilators and oxygen cylinders. We need to build covid wards at the earliest by converting banquets or hotel in to equipped wards.


Help cooperate government. Follow all guidelines and get yourself vaccinated. Now the most alarming situation is we are falling short of vaccines but together we will be able to do it. With this motivation I would like to end this post.

Wishing for everyone a very good health. The one who are affected please stay motivated.Praying to God we get ample number of ventilators and cylinders from various suppliers. Praying to come out from this situation as soon as possible.
A special gratitude to all doctors and frontline healthworkers who are available for us offline and online. Thank you is really a small word but their untimely unconditional support is magical. A special thanks to all of you🙏

Stay safe Guys!

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