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Amazon Original Series-Inside Edge Season 1-Review

The web series by Excel Entertainment streamed on Amazon Prime with 10 episodes.The series showed a journey of PPL(Power Play League) league and the challenges associated with it. Zarina Malik(Richa Chadha) co-owner of Mumbai Mavericks finds difficult to sustain her team due to lack of funds . She is looking for someone who can invest money in her team and keep them going. Finally Mr Vikrant Dhawan invests money in Maveriks and becomes the co-owner of the team.Everyone is happy that Maveriks has got his owner. Arvind(Angad Bedi)  being the captain of the team is very determined and plays his game with honesty.The coach Mr Suri also trains them with generosity but his past creates a  big trouble and he gets captivated under the trap of Mr Vikrant Dhawan. Vikrant had joined Mumbai Maveriks just to fix matches and buy players.

Inside edge will take you to the journey of cricket betting, a story of what lie behind the game. When you will watch series ,trust me you will stop believing in cricket. You will come across the challenges which cricketer have to go-glamour ,pressure,betting . The world is really bad. Set in a landscape of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money, and power are mere means to an end.The virtue of selfishness is what everyone thinks.Some of them are selfish for their money others are not left with any other option.The game just gets dirtier. You will come across so many tricks cricketers use to get signals from these betting people. Vikrant Dhawan was all around the stadiums and would give signals to cricketers on field and thus no balls,wide balls would start pouring in. Its hard to believe that passionate sportsmen also can do such things,this web series is for all those who are crazy for cricket. Several challenges and atrocities follow them.The series shows the journey of Arvind who is confronted because of his personal life, Prashant-fast bowler who comes from small village,being talented is never able to show his skills because of betting pressure,Vayu-Great sportsman always end up in media making a big issue. Zarina being actress and co-owner is always under pressure of losing everything. Life is just pulling them and the ring master is Vikrant Dhawan.

inside edge


The best part was the character of Rohini(Vayu sister).She was the backbone of Vayu and also of Mavericks. She with utmost generosity analysed games and bowls.The calculation and analysis behind each  ball which is showed by her is really admiring.We as viewers never notice such things but game is really very big and several people work for that.Now as most of players are owned by Vikrant it was the turn of Vayu the best player. The master stroke comes at the end . You really need to watch this end.It will reflect however bad you do, good always deceives bad.


Vivek Oberoi and Richa Chadha are at their best.They have justified their roles.The entire cast and direction was very good. The only thing bothered me was the foul words which used to always end every sentence.Is it really necessary to go to that extent as there is no censor board!We can always set good examples. However it is the demand of script but digital world should always showcase a good path because everyone follows them.People learn and imitate them the most.This is just my view ,i think things can get better.Listening to those words every now and then is hurting for ears.Over all you ask me the review -its a good series with lot of things behind it.You will surely love it.

Amazon Prime has announced the next season for Inside Edge -Season 2- 2019.

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