Anxiety is an emotion where you keep on feeling anxious about certain things. It sounds strange that anxiety can be a type of emotion but yes it is. We face anxiety levels depending on the situation. The situations like fear, extreme level of nervousness, apprehension and too much worry. The main backbone of anxiety is Stress. I have come across certain people who say that “constant surfing on social networking sites gives me anxiety, the messages on whatsapp make me perspire”. Its because they dont consider it as just a social networking platform to chat but they try to run away from the questions which people bombard them. Strange, but true.

During the time of examination or interview you start palpating or rather breathe very fast, it is because you are too much nervous. In case of a relationship when the road of your relationship is not smooth you suffer from vomiting sensation or rather vomiting. You are not able to understand why it is happening but it is because you are constantly under the influence of fear, Fear to lose your relation. Too much of loneliness can cause anxiety When you are extremely stressed and constantly brainstorming yourself with what will be your result. How can you expect your brain to be calm and ultimately you suffer from weight loss because you don’t feel like eating? A sudden increase in a heartbeat can make you buzz around thinking about some heart disease but when you reach to a doctor they diagnose its just anxiety.

From the above illustrations, we can generalize how much pressure we suffer mentally. The more the stress it affects our mental health and rather increase the chances of anxiety. You start carrying chocolates with you so that when you feel like emitting out you can chew chocolate but we need to understand that for our anxiety levels we are responsible. We are not able to control our thoughts due to which our brain had to respond in this way by affecting our hormones. The irregular balance of hormones results in this condition. Thyroxine hormone usually affects the thyroid gland which in turn affects the other hormone. What we can understand is anxiety is something which we should handle by controlling our thoughts.

How to get rid of anxiety?

  • Follow a good diet
  • Take proper sleep
  • Exercise, If not every day take deep breaths when you feel stressed
  • Meditate
  • Take proper sleep
  • Read and think Positive
  • Share your thoughts with friends and family
  • Eat chocolates
  • Enjoy nature

Never feel alone and let yourself suffer. Life is beautiful with lots of ups and downs. There are many people around us who are suffering in a way or not yet they are smiling. Always try to learn new things. Take care of your emotional health. Never fear about what people will think about you. Everything is temporary and not permanent. You are not the most important person whom people will allot their whole time. Today with the trend of trolling I many times feel how these celebrities handle trolling. People never think twice before trolling anyone. Everyone has emotions and people do get hurt. But they take it in a joyous manner and forget the other day. Because if they carry that with themselves every day it will be difficult for them to survive. You don’t need to take everything seriously somethings are for fun or rather very trivial.

So take slamming, trolling, complaints, mistakes in a positive way and walk continuously on reinventing yourself every day. You have not known much of yourself yet, try exploring more of your self and use those skills to the maximum. These techniques will swipe anxiety away from your life. Because at the end we can only do our karma, some of the parts always lies with destiny!

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