Art of living

“Zindagi aksar sahi galat pe aake ruk jati,
o mere liye sahi woh sabke liye ho ye munkin nahi,
sabka apna point prove karna,itna waqt nahi
Meri khushiyan kisiki mohtaz nahi
Me to apni dil ki muhtaaz ho
Jo seekhata hai mjhe jo sahi hai wahi karo “

While walking along the journey you will find thousand of people ready to throw pelters on you, while a few smiling at you.In this walk of journey our blood boils hearing comments on us. Rather we should stop for a while, take a deep breathe and think-

Who is that person to judge me? Do I know him?
If yes, how much importance he carries in your life?
Is he really serious about their life?
If something is really a good thought to learn you can make yourself to adopt that habit?
No one is born perfect, Nor am I? I am born to learn things on my own and no one else has a right to judge and comment you?

The relation which we make with yourself is only going to help us. The other things come along when you are walking on your journey. Some break , motivate ,inspire you and make you more positive in life. While some of them are just living life and want us to be like them. The moment when you find such people pull your brakes, give them a look and accelerate your speed and just run away. Far from their thoughts, point of view. Especially from the people who fool you in the name of tradition. Never absorb those thoughts which are irreverent. So the best option that time is

To avoid talking to such people
Avoid discussions with them
Control your anger
Dont try to teach them

In this practice if you end up discussing it will boil your blood, You will end up in frustration. Every one has come from a certain background and each one of us has a different equation and every explanation can never be cracked by a formula. With every birthday you grow older and so the people start expecting that you will get mature. Maturity only to accept their thoughts And the one who expect this are older to you with no level of maturity. Strange! So here to conclude you celebrate your bday to thank God and parents for giving you a life to live on your terms and conditions

Koi Sahi Galat nahi
bus humari aur unki soch nahi milti
Na woh badalna chahte hau
Aur hum to kabhi na badle galat cheeze ke liye
Un cheezo ko chod do aur zindagi me aage nikal aao
Jaha sahi galat se zyda bhi duniya hai
Iske alawa bhi kayee gam hai
Un cheezo ko chod do aur zindagi me aage nikal aao
Jaha sahi galat se zyda bhi duniya hai
Iske alawa bhi kayee gam hai
Lekin fir bhi muskura rahe
Unka hath aur sath pakdo
Aur Nikal pado ek nahi safar pe
Jaha fir kch naye mod milenge

The art of living is to speak less and listen more but to assimilate only what is acceptable to you. Avoid a discussion with those who dont understand your thoughts. In the walk of life you wont always encounter people of your same thoughts, so you can just ignore.Try to speak in front of them who can understand you and not judge you. Circumvent yourself with the people who have goals in their life and are not stucked in this melodrama.

After all its your mood, who are others to spoil it! #attitude #me

Let me know your views what is your art of living?


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