If you ask the netizens- What is freedom for you?

“Freedom is everything for us, We don’t want anyone’s interference about where you are going? Even if I am going for a party no one should question me ,its my life. Freedom is a choice which I make and I expect my loved ones to garner that”

If you ask teenagers-what is Independence day for you?

Its a holiday for us. If it falls on Friday or Monday then its a long weekend for us. It has been 75 years and we were not even born that time so it is difficult to relate. It was a part of our syllabus in History but who remembers it.

If you ask your Grandfather -What is freedom for you?

“Freedom is Azaadi which we got from those British people who ruled and exploited my fellow citizens. It was because of them we suffered ,other wise today we also have been declared as developed country. Our freedom fighters have earned those Azaadi for us. In our own country they made us slaves. Its because of these freedom fighters you can go any where, do whatever you want to. You can breathe otherwise these Britishers has broken our back bone by destroying our domestic civilization and privatizing companies, levying taxes. They used our farmers to cultivate crops and asked for tax in terms of revenue. We were destroyed. It was not a safe to step out. You people can now go out and party. During that time it was impossible to think. Azaadi is hard earned ,blood toiled asset given to us by our freedom fighters. We should keep it safe and respect that.

To make it simple you dont need to go back to 75 years. Imagine about our boundaries which we share with our neighboring countries and how our BSF is aligned day and night to secure our borders so that the opponents don’t eye our country.

The news of Pakistan trying to captivate Kashmir and influencing the people of Kashmir is making headlines now and then. Trying to attach our LOC is the news we hear the most. Even China is trying to invade Galwan valley in Ladakh. Our Hero’s are staying strong to stop the invasion. They stand strong and are ready to fire those who wish to play with our freedom.Once these neighboring countries start poking in our territory things will be worst. Late in 1971 Pakistan tried to capture our Kutch- Bhuj but because of our soldiers its still standing strong in India.

Freedom can never be sacrificed for any motive. Be it money, safety or security. We even cannot think of the life it was 75 years ago Today we cannot tolerate any mark on our freedom even from our family or loved ones.

Independence day is a day to celebrate azadi gifted to us by these people .Their family has lost their son who died on the battle field just to keep millions of people happy. They stand in extreme weathers and fight in dreadful conditions just to secure our borders. They will never let any intruder eye us. These brave hero’s never fear death. They carry death in their hands and lie down on our mother earth with pride saying Jai Hind!

Independence day should always give us goose bumps. Its a pride which all Indians share with each other. Its a blood which runs in every Indian. Animosity is never a solution but we can never think our enemy as our friend.

Respect the people who protect us. There are some people who are living for our security and safeguard us. Teach your children about them. Encourage them to hear and listen to their achievements. Things are of a matter only when we respect and care about it. We should encourage people or children to read books related to our freedom fighters. This would also make them realize the importance of freedom and they will value it to treasure.

Never ever let the patriotism die in you. There are always odds every where but it is the only vision to fight those odds. The one who is determined to fight all woes are the ones to get engraved and endorsed.

Jai Hind!

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