Oh yes! it’s raining finally ☔️???. The seasons first rainfall and it is mesmerizing. The temperature has dipped and black clouds have encompassed the environment. Trees are getting drenched in rain. Have you ever tried getting drenched in the first rain? If not, you should try. It feels like the droplets of water are soothing and comforting you. Your body who has become dull with the weight of work and heat is rejuvenating. Some find it dirty getting drenched in rain while some just enjoy this fun frolic moment.While some just wet their hands and come near the window getting a glimpse of rain. Some wonder ” Thank you for coming we really needed you desperately, Our lives were incomplete without you.Now as you are back , we are ready write a new chapter or story with you.” The birds are hiding in the trees crumbling with cold but are happy as no longer they will have to fly in search of water. After the scorching heat birds enjoy monsoon by opening their feathers.

Monsoon gives new hope to everyone if they will witness a visual sight of a dancing peacock. Peacocks are the most beautiful birds on this planet. It’s only during rains they open their beautiful feathers and enjoy the rain.

The first thing when the rains touch mother earth, the ambiance of rain makes everyone thirsty for hot tea and pakoras. Ahha! The smell of ginger tea and pakoras makes you happy for no reason. After leaving from office or while sitting in office everyone is just dreaming about one moment. A Moment of tea and pakoras. The clouds dwindling , thundering and lightning is what the entire monsoon is about. And what people care about is their chai, pakoras and colorful umbrella. ⛱

The sun is sent on partial leave for some days. The clouds hide the sun for a while and they enjoy the game of hide and seek. Majority of people on weekends just go for long drive for enjoying nature, breathing in fresh air and getting lost in just the beauty of nature. We are pulled and love to sit under the lap of nature. Just carrying umbrella and raincoats we are monsoon ready. No fear of getting drenched just want to capture the best scenic landscape beauty. Waterfalls amidst mountains find their way of flowing from them and giving us panoromas. Clouds come down to meet mountains and cover them in their arms. When sun and rain meet we are blessed to enjoy the delight of rainbow.??

The season of love and monsoon has commenced and so with that responsibility to save and preserve water has also come. SO this monsoon let major of water seep into the soil and try to preserve water. Its the season to enjoy the droplets of water on your window panes and scribble your name.

#Happy monsoon :)Lets dance with the color of clouds and to the tunes of rain. Start preparing your list of places to be visited in monsoon. Why to worry. Just click link below.

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