Best things about lockdown

As we have landed into lockdown3.0 and Corona is in mood to say adieu too soon we are supposed to stay at home and be safe.Lets discuss the best things because of lockdown we could encounter.

#Ramayan:The most viewed television show over the globe with 77M viewers. This was the retelecast of this show. Originally it was aired on tv 30 years back.Ramayan is the epic story which is being read, heard and watched by viewers to remember God. It narrates the life of God and gives us a vision to live.Ramayan establishes a belief in humanity, truth, responsibilities and non violence.It is the answer to our spirituality. It heals our mind ,make us feel more positive and spreads peace. #thankyouRamayan.

#Independent:It is because of this lockdown we have become multitasking. Be it workfromhome or home chores. We have learnt to do it on our own.Initially we used to depend on various people but now we successfully complete our task. Thanks to lockdown we could explore our this facet too.

#Talent: During the spare time everyone has started to polish their skills or learning new skills. Be it learning guitar, playing piano or dancing. Before people used to cook basic food and should not cook outside food items. But now many have started cooking various recipes. On the social platform we can see post with #quarantinebreakfast.

#Helping:It is during this time we realise due to lockdown many people have suffered. Labourers, migrants, daily wage workers,maids have suffered badly. They have nothing to eat and are worried about future. It is during this time everyone has come together to pay their maids full salary. This attitude calls for appreciation. Lockdown has led to generosity.

#Straight-fromthefarm:When everything being closed from where you will get groceries and vegetables. The answer is Farmer. From decades farmers are our annapurna.So now everyone is contacting farmers and we are getting fresh groceries and vegetables. In return they are also earning their livelihood. The best quality food is coming to our door. Thanks to all the people who are arranging this chain.

#Climate:River Ganga has become so clean that no one could realise its the same river which used to smell before. In the month of May when the temperature used to cross above 40 we still are 38deg. The night temperatures falls to 25deg giving us chilly nights. Its all because of the climate. Our planet is healing with no honking and poisonous gases in the air. The industries being closed so no methane sulphur dioxide to pollute the air.Lockdown has made successful to vent out air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution.

The matter of the fact is every person is suffering in their livelihood as everything is closed. I would like to tell them be a little patient, once the lockdown is over everyone will be out of their homes and you guys will record out of the box sales. Till then #stayhome #staysafe

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  1. This is a good way of looking at everything. Honestly, I think this is going to put life into perspective in many different ways. People have been reminded of the importance of farmers, truck drivers, grocery store workers, gas attendants – jobs that are often taken for granted.

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