Monday morning @7 :30pm as usual the new week starts after the weekend. I am a bit dozed off , not as fresh as the other day. My better half started questioning me-Whats bothering you? I said I am bored for just all reasons.He asked him to elaborate a little and “I said the day is same only it becomes sunday monday tuesday. My mundane tasks are same. Cook the break fast , cope with home chores, take care of baby. Just the same day everyday.Life is all about running – its breakfast time, lunch time, baby feeding time, dinner time, walk routine. So i m just bored there is no charm surprise or some exciting stuff to do”

Listening to this my better half also boarded my train. “He too started I have to get up everyday , go through the same traffic reach office, work entire day, again go through the same traffic reach home take care of baby put him to sleep. Whats more exciting to it.In life we all are running behind mundane activities”

Listening to this story I realised I spoilt his mood too so I thought to cheer him. I scrolled my mobile browsed @Gaana app and put on all my fav songs. The only way to cheer him was to cook the delicious breakfast. Listening my fav music actually tuned my mood, I shook my leg to some songs and cooked breakfast. In sometime I realised my mood is changed. Eating delicious breakfast my betterhalf too was happy to leave for office.

What I realised was life is all about mundane activities and you cannot run from them. Imagine if you dont have a proper routine or schedule what you will do the entire day? Recreation also stays for a couple of days and that only refreshes us. If you go on holidays everyday you will lose charm for recreation.

So in the walk of life anytime you are bored just do the thing you love, do your hobby. Devour your favorite dishes, go for a walk in a breezy wind or put on some good music. Life is all about boredom and charm but you need to tune it to a particulae frequency every time.

The same frequency always ends up clogging your life. So you readers out there be just be happy for no reasons and if you are bored dun stress , its a normal routine?

16 thoughts on “Boredom

  1. So true. I am hardly ever bored as I enjoy reading, walking, music. It is choice and sometimes getting up and doing.

  2. I totally understand this. Even if you don’t have any hobbies, just get outside and let the sun hit your skin, and your whole outlook may change.

  3. I haven’t experienced boredom quite yet, but it might be a nice change from my busy and chaotic life. Even so, I’m not a fan of Monday’s either.

  4. Boredom is a phase between your daily routine and hobby. But its good to know you balance it properly. Cheers to u!

  5. Great points. I think this is the tricky part about life, routine is boring but without routine life is pure chaos. And so it’s all about working small and fun things into your routine to make life fun.

  6. I recently adopted a positive mindset to Mondays and it has been very helpful. It has also helped my students to be more positive about the start of the week and all the possibilities it offers. A good breakfast puts me in a good mood too.

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