Bus journeys are very challenging:-

Travel is the most exciting part which each one of us enjoy.Certain places are accessible by roadways,railways and airways. Preferable options always vary on time and distance.The best mode of transport which is my favorite is railways.The train journey are more accustomed and secured.Long routes train are well equipped with all the facilities. The most important with which bus and train differs is washroom.For long distance trains, every coach are equipped with washrooms.

modes of transport

modes of transport

This is not the case with super deluxe buses. On an average buses are also maintained properly. The Volvo AC Sleeper buses are equipped with Wifi and portable chargers. They have made the travel much more simpler. With Yuga travels the standard of Volvo  buses have increased to higher level. But with no washrooms it makes you go cranky. We all are aware in temperature of AC we all feel like visiting washroom again and again where as feeling  that there is no alternative you start getting worried. The whole concentration goes in and around washrooms. Though AC buses drivers halts for washroom break thrice but that breaks are  horrifying. You stand in long queues with handkerchief wrapped around nose. You feel like vomiting with the stinking smell but you have no option. Because if the bus starts you wont get any chance,  Infact you can’t take a chance.



I have got the phobia of washrooms.These small things are really  big things.So  next time when you plan to go by a bus,if you to take in to consideration these options.The journey with train is smooth whereas with bus it takes you with the roller coaster ride. Your sleeping time needs to match the bus schedule. The dinner time  where bus halts for dinner break you also have to alight from bus as the AC goes in the off mode and also you have to finish your task of washroom 😛 .Even after visiting the washroom you feel the urge to go washroom again and again.It is just a psychological behavior in which we all land.

The short distance travel by  bus is exciting but long distance travel in bus due to these reasons is annoying. Moreover in flights and bus you cannot walk you have to always keep glued to your seats. for certain areas you have to visit by bus is the only supreme option.For some of them you are the regular traveler of  bus these things do not hamper their enthusiasm but the people like me really gets a headache thinking about a bus travel.Several people face the feeling of nausea and motion sickness. The sleep will get hamper because there are so many breaks. Overall its just a point of view for some who love these challenges, while some just bear.But certainly I hope for a miracle when toilets gets equipped in these buses making travelling in bus just simpler.

However and whatever will be the challenge travel always remains a delight!

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