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I have always grown up seeing moon and staring it for a long time. I always wonder how beautiful the planet moon is and its waxing and waning phenomenon always excites us to watch in the sky – how the moon is looking today? I would really like to congratulate ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) on working towards this project. They have developed a curiosity among everyone about the lunar planet. With Chandrayan 1 launched on 22nd October 2008, we had commenced our first mission to Moon. From Chandrayan 1 we could discover traces of water molecules on the moon and that has increased the curiosity to find more. There how Chandrayan 2 was planned.

In Chandrayan 1 the spacecraft was orbiting around moon, But with The Chandrayan 2, India excels in his project of exploring lunar south pole. With this India has become the first one to probe lunar south pole.ISRO has reached its pinnacle and we just can’t stop gushing over this mammoth. Chandrayaan-2 will reach its orbit with the help of GSLV MK-III, which is capable of carrying 4-tonne class of satellites to the Geosynchronous Transfer .

The designing includes some important components:-

Mapping cameras: The payload will include mapping cameras to prepare a 3D map of the required area.

X-ray Spectrometer: -The required area will be collimated in a large array, while soft x-ray spectrometer will map the majority of major rock-forming elements.

High-Resolution Cameras: A high-resolution camera will help to capture images of the landing site.

Infrared Spectrometer: It will identify minerals along with signatures of hydroxyl (OH) and water (H2O) molecules in polar regions.

We already have found out the water traces on the lunar planet but with this mission, we intend to find out more about the rock molecules with different composition. The south polar region contains aa fossil record of the solar system and also soil compositions. The Chandrayan 1 has triggered everyone’s interest in the moon, ISRO hopes to expand India’s footprint in space and explore new opportunities. The lander is named as Vikram after famous scientist Vikram Sarabhai who is regarded as the father of India’s space program. This space mission will help us to understand our satellite better and also understand various topographical studies.

For the world, we will be the first one to land in the south polar region. I wish ISRO lots of success ad also would like to congratulate them on this fabulous achievement. We are really proud of you.

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