Chapter 5-Matter of Belonging

Vasu broke his silence “See I am sorry for what I did with u and Shreya. I have always been obsessed about my work. But I know this is not the justification” Jaya replied then what brought you here. We have been married for years now so I know your dedication for work. Tell me what happened? Vasu replied “My prime show is not doing well so they have replaced my show , My editor told me to relax for a week. When I stayed home I witnessed the dreadful condition of our home , so I realized how many times you requested me to do the maintenance work but I denied.” Jaya replied what next then I think you should work hard to achieve your position back. You are dedicated and hardworking, also you should find out what went wrong because your show is full of facts. I watch it daily and Papa is a great fan of your show. He makes it a point to watch daily.

Jaya’s father runs a company named Jaya Developers. He started his career working for a real estate company and then he built a lot of customer base and finally ventured his own company. Vasu’s dad and Jaya’s dad were friends as they started their career together in the same company, finally Jaya and his family moved to Jaipur for their family business. Vasu and Jaya alliance got fixed because of their friendship. When Vasu was 10 his mother passed away in an accident. Since then Vasu was close to his dad. A year back his dad also passed away due to heart attack. After that he got too much engrossed in office and spent a very little time at home.

The bell ranged, Jaya said Mom and dad are back. Jaya’s dad was happy to see Vasu-“So good to see you dear, when did u come? Vasu seek his blessing and settled on sofa. Jaya’ s dad asked Jaya “lunch is ready , he will now go tomorrow”. He turned to Vasu “Stay with us give us the chance of hospitality.”Vasu nodded. On the lunch table Jaya’s’ dad said to Vasu ” Beta I love your show, specially the tax area which you covered I really enjoyed, Several of my friends had called me to say that they loved your tax coverage, Keep working hard” While mincing on the marinated chicken Vasu started thinking how my TRP has fallen? There is something fishy about it.

In the evening Vasu joined his father in law for a walk who was accompanying Shreya in a pram. Vasu was happy looking at his daughter who was interacting with the people. She was laughing ,smiling and waving at others. Back home Shreya was crying as she didnot want to come back home. Vasu took her in arms and soothed her, minutes later she was smiling and playing with him. Jaya clicked his picture with Shreya but didnot tell him.

The next morning Vasu started back for his home. On the way he thought neither I said Jaya to come with me nor she said that she want to come back. I think we both need time. His phone buzzed Jaya has sent him a photo of him with Shreya. he was so happy he quickly keep it as his display picture.

Chapter 6-The Companion

Vasu checked his mails. There was an email from Pooja, She has shared the entire TRP rating for his show on weekly basis. The ratings were excellent, He was happy and shocked at the same time. He decided to talk to his editor the next morning. The next morning Vasu walked to his boss cabin with the print of the report and he just dodged his boss with the ray of questions. His boss was startled and said “Sorry I cannot help I have the order” Vasu said agreed but I am not going to do the show at 3:30pm . I am ready to start with 10pm show just after the prime show. Else I resign! I will wait for your decision. Saying this Vasu left the office.

Back home Vasu googled and booked asian paints ,plumber, electrician and a carpenter to carry out the maintenance work, he thought he still has 4 days so he can concentrate on home chores. A day letter he received the call from his editor “The channel has agreed for 10pm show, All the best” Vasu was not happy but satisfied. Vasu said I cannot dishearten my fans. Usually after the hectic day people watch my show at night . I will be back with better numbers.

Vasu called Jaya and checked on Shreya and everyone at home. Vasu said Jaya that I have started the maintenance work. The sooner the plumber and carpenter work is over, painters will take over. Jaya said ” Good to hear that” Vasu said yes it will be safe for both of you to return, Vasu chuckled. Jaya just said smiled,

A month later……

Vasu show at 10pm was doing better than Anup’s prime show. The channel decided to take Vasu show again at 9pm. But that will take time as nothing can be easily changed on the channels. The home was renovated and beautifully curated. Vasu even bought a few furniture and made a point to make Shreya’s room. He bought few toys and cupboard for Shreya and posted all photos to Jaya. A few minutes later Vasu called up Jaya

” See Jaya I am sorry , I know the day I came to your home I didnot say to accompany me because I wanted to fix the issues in our home, Now as all the work is done. Please come back. I know I have been rude, ardent ,selfish and ignorant to you many time. I apologize sincerely and Promise it wont happen again. Atleast for the sake of Shreya Please return back. She deserves the love of both of us. “

Jaya replied : “I too want Shreya to get the love of his father, I think we should give our relationship a second chance. I am sorry too may be I left you in the mid of your woes.”

Vasu and Jaya were happy for a new start. Jaya retuned home and there was happiness all around.



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