Decision making

Life is a upturn of so many incidents and events.Collabarating with events and decisions everyday creates a turmoil of several emotions in your mind. Many of them leading to confusion while a few lead to stress. Now what I specifically meant by incidents and event here is “ When you are assigned a work by your boss and you complete it with your determination and submit it” Then at that ninth hour your boss says “ Fine, now start with this work”

What decision you will take at that point-An employee has been working since 7 am to complete the task is shouldered again with work at 11pm. There are two options you can proceed with the decision of “ boss is always right” but technically this goes good when your boss treats you as a human and not a piece of paper. The entire day when the boss pokes you “ how much is done, why delay? What were you doing? You are so slow, you are of no use to me. This is logical , you dont know this much??

Can you guess in which frame work an emoloyee will land. Coping with this demotivation an employee will work hard and complete the task just to not let an employee sleep , boss will give line of tasks. Also in the morning after you login she will pop up “ How much is done? I am not clear with the expectations of the boss then. When an employee takes a break for lunch and dinner the boss who seems to be busy will constantly monitor why she is away and will start putting messages. Are you guys clear with the expectation.

What we can conclude as you are working from home or you are under a shrewd boss. You are not entitled to sleep and eat. You are supposed to sit with your laptop continously even though you are mentally exhausted. I guess as per the boss experience the productivity should increase. But you ask me it leads to zero productivity frustrated employee.With no food and sleep several new problems arise like nausea and acidity. How to focus in such a state of mind.

The decision making comes in such scenarios. Talk to your boss and communicate “ I am getting demotivated with such harsh language” . If the work is urgent do it , bcoz thats your responsibility but knowing something is urgent your boss gives you that work at 11pm instead of the entire day. You better to speak up.If you try to run away and keep doing it your moral will break. Everyone is here to learn and give our 100% but exploitation is not an answer. You assign the work and get it done but getting work done in such harsh environment is of no use. Life is a vicious circle what you sow, shall reap.

As we all are facing a tough time bcoz of Covid 19. It is not giving any right to exploit any one. Instead everyone should come together and fight. Motivate each other and spread positivity. Bcoz of all this nuisance homes are converting in to stress grounds. Entire family gets affected.

Why cant people feel motivated and help others to motivate and grow. Harassment is not an answer to anything. With this attitude you portray a weal picture in from of your employees.

Spread positivity!

4 thoughts on “Decision making

  1. Easier said than done, as most of employees are taken over fear by thought of loosing job. If they overcome this feeling , the clarity will come and they are able to make correct decision and convey the point.

  2. Excellent write up … Superb content. Fear of failure or fear of anything is something that pulls down the performance. If employees understand to keep that aside things can be much better & productive

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