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Imagine your life as a keyboard or you if want to imagine on the scale of nanometers, you can imagine your mobile whose life depends on nanosize chips which reduce the size and bring the entire world on your palm. Lifelike a mobile gives me a lot of choices to delete. You can delete bad memories, worries, insecurities, sadness. Deleting negativity is the pioneer in our life. How much ever hard we try, we tend to cross paths with negativity. With an option of the delete button, we can remove all negativity and attract only positivity in our life

Is it that easy? How much ever motivational quotes or motivational people we meet, we find their personality quite striking but those moments are timely. The moment those striking personalities fade from our life we forget everything. The average adult human brain has the ability to store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes digital memory and the average memory of digital devices is 256GB. With the storage capacity mentioned, we can easily make out: Our brain never pops up with the option” Not enough storage”.Our brain keeps on storing data and tons of data.

The positive part of mobile is it never gives you advice. With the human brain, the biggest flaw is our brain loves to give advice. Now, advice can be interpreted in a positive and negative way. It solely depends on the person how an individual takes advice. If you keep on taking advice with a negative attitude you will never understand the heat of the sun. Every person who gives advice wants the other person to stay away from all worries and just be sure in their path. In the world, the advice is still optional. You accept it, deny it, its the choice. Some people weigh advice on the scale of negativity and positivity. What is the use? it’s the futile exercise. The person giving advice is not going to get credited with a thousand dollar cheque or is not going to earn some loyalty points. If someone is telling something one should listen because everyone speaks through one’s experience. Whereas mobile will just give you a disclaimer to your questions. If you type your symptoms for cold and cough, mobile will show all the possible answers on the rate of severity from low-high.

Mobile has become an additional organ of humans. It is never away from the body. However research papers publish the hazardous radiation which comes from mobile, people tend to keep their mobile next to their pillow while sleeping. Sad but true humans easily accept electromagnetic radiation coming from mobile but not advice from humans.

If you consider the life span of mobile in terms of a relationship. It can withhold a maximum of 5 years, whereas for humans relations stay with them till the time of death. Negative thoughts will never affect your mobile but it will surely helm human minds.

So like mobile try to install the delete button in our lives.

4 thoughts on “Delete Button

  1. The thought was good for a moment, but even in a life frought with pain illness and moments of sheer fear. I am, who I am, in spite of those. I have proof that sanity can prevail in spite of the wickedness. I am able to know I not only survived the bad parts, but learned from them, grew strong enough to rise above them. I am, the best me today that I can be. If at any point I had pressed delete I wouldn’t have become me.

  2. This is amazing! Could you cover another view point on the same topic since you are so knowledgeable
    on the subject? I really just want to read more.

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