Devotee in conversation with Bappa!

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated from the birthday of Ganpati Bappa. From that day it is celebrated till Anant Chaturthi.It is believed that for 11 days Ganpati bappa descend to Earth from heaven to stay in the lives of human. He blissfully resides in everyone’s home and enjoy his welcome and modaks.Devotees leave nostone unturne to seek his blessings. Ganpati bappa descend from Kailash Parbhat to bless everyone with wisdom, prosperity and happiness.

Last year when everyone witnessed first and deady second wave of COVID 19. It was after that bappa had come to bless everyone with positivity.

Devotee : Bappa ,thank you for coming back. You know what Corona has done last year. Many people lost their lives. The life of everyone has upturned. There is so much negativity. Please bappa do something.

Bappa: Yes i am the witness of this awful condition. I am very sorry to see my devotees suffer so badly.

Devotee: Bappa please help your devotees.Please save us.

Bappa: I am always with my devotees. Trinity -Lord Shiva (Destroyer) Lord Brahma(Creator) Lord Vishnu (Preserver). The Brahma has created the world centuries back. One day of Brahma is 4.32 million * 1000 = 4.32 billion human years. All deeds are action oriented. Basically Corona was a reaction.

Devotee: Bappa we all agree to this, but what is the fault of the innocent people who are doing their karma and are good.

Bappa : No one is good or bad, it is their Karma who rule their life. Our reincarnation depends on our Karma. Bhagwan krishna has said in Bhagwad Geeta that the one who take birth has to follow the cycle of death. If you do your karma you can ultimately find moksh and you will be free from this cycle of rebirth. Those who worship me ,my father , my mother will always come to us. But that doesnot mean you will be immortal. Your lifespan is predetermined.

Devotee: Bappa,this is creating fear in me. I am becoming restless.

Bappa : The motto of life is to be kind and generous to every creature. We should respect our creature. In samudra manthan Kamdhenu cow has come on earth and for that my father has drank that semon which has made his throat blue in color.He is known as Neelkanth. Humans should worship Cow but what humans do they cut and eat their meat. They are not been taken care. The environment is not taken in to account. The sacred river Ganga is being flushed with dirty water. People are cutting mountains to develop roads . In the name of development people are doing corruption and are selfish for everything.

WE are trying our best to secure you. But In the time of kalyug the evil will outburst the good deeds.

Devotee: What we should do in this Kalyug?

Bappa : I will tell you one short story

Once when Kalyug was about to rule the world.All the devas were in fear that how to save every human. So Narada along with other devas went to Lord Vishnu. They asked their question to him and requested him to solve their problem. Bhagwan vishnu said who all devotees will take my name Narayan and do satynarayan katha will be blessed. My dham badrinath will be protected from Kalyug.

Many devotees do satyanarayan puja while bring me at home.

Devotee : Thank you for this.

Bappa: Be prepared for everything. Nothing is in your hand. Everything is predetermined. You ca just be good to others. Be helpful and kind to eevryone. Do your karma with full determination. Help the poor and needy people. Beware from exploitation and corruption. Maintain the eco-system.Modernalization not rule you.Respect your parents. You all might be aware of my story-

When I and my brother Karthikey was asked to do circumambulation of earth and who will come first will be declared as winner. I did my seven rounds around my parents. Thus I was declared winner and that is the reason I am worpshipped first. I am named as Prathamesh.

You might be aware how much we love plants, grass andtrees. My love for dhurva, Lord Shiva loves Bail patra and Lord Vishnu is always worshipped with Tulsi. And humans are just behind trees ,they just want to make corridors.

Too much development will end everything one day.

I became happy with my devotee not only by eating modak but I am overwhelmed with your love and respect.I became more happy when you help anyone with same feelings. I feel blessed that you are my devotee.

I descend to Earth everytime to teach you kindness and bless you with good deeds. Only good deeds will stay with you forever.GOD is always with their devotee.

Devotee: Ganpati Bappa Moraya!Pudchaya Varshi lavkar yaa.

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