Emotional Turmoil

Emotional Turmoil

Life is a roller coaster ride with the series of emotions. It gives you chance to be in every character and face every emotion. The emotional journey is always excruciating and painful. The feeling of happiness and joy always tastes sweeter after this journey. Humans tends to see some dreams, instead they live that dreams with lots of future plans and desires.

One fine day, the dream is shattered making you realise “Tum sapne dekho but uske pure hone ki asha mat karo”. Again now your brain stimulus every time reminds you dreams are over and now you have to switch on the new emotion of your life. (Bravery)

At times life gives you lot of chances to test yourself “How strong you are to face things in life”. The parameter of strong, stronger and strongest changes. You realise I will be able to tackle this journey as I had done before but life gives you goosebumps different every time alleviating fear and pain. You are in a situation where you just can’t understand what is happening.

It engrosses you in so many things at a particular time that it’s hardly impossible to figure out what are you losing or gaining. The people around you will come up with a line “Whatever happens, happens for good”. With this teaching of life, we move forward in search of solace.

We think our mind needs peace but after the emotional journey where everything happens in seconds, it’s hard to digest that dream you had seen is shattered and life further is clueless. On a road, you are standing with confusion seeing at your back. “Did things really exist or was it just a dream?” If dream was not going to be satisfied, why it had come to me.

You try to look in front and find everyone is at its place and you have just come out of a chapter and have to run again to match their pace. Loneliness and peace hamper you, your body desires change, refreshment and of course motivating people. Pain and distress all vanish when you are in good company with good people.

Adversity is the real test of the people around you. Life gives you chance to know the golden people in your life and let’s you the know the difference between real and fake people.

Whatever be the reason or situation, you have to get along with the life and do you know the medicine of life? – Time. Time and tide waits for none but it fades certain things from your life and make you enter in new chapter of life. Though the transition is very slow but you never notice when you had entered.

Never ever imagine that you are alone in your life and facing emotional turmoil. There are people out there imagining the way you imagine. It’s just that every one is in search of love and happiness.

So spread love and happiness instead of blaming and judging people.

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