Flintoclass-The best Preschool Experience at Home-

Flintoclass is an Early learning program for play group,nursery,LKG,UKG which gives preschool learning experience at home This is not a physical school but an online program where you can play recorded sessions,pause it and give your child time to absorb things. You and your child dont need to run behind it. In the time of Corona where everything was online, I opted for a play group program with Flintoclass and I am happy about it.

Why do kids need preschool?

Preschools helps them to prepare and gain confidence. They start learning, absorbing and exploring. There should be no pressure on the toddlers . It should be considered as an activity time where they are given projects which they do it as per their own imagination. In the time of Corona where we were constantly on the websites selecting toys for our kids so that they are engaged.The flintoclass offers a lot of activity which keeps them enagaging. Preschools are the foundation for your kids where they began their process of learning and exploring.Flintoclass empasize on 16 key skills for social, cognitive, emotional and holistic development.

Why you should enroll your child with flintoclass?

Flintoclass has degined their curriculum in a way which includes lot of activities, stories, rhymes, songs and interactions.Its one package offering various conceptual learning with which your kids connect.

  • Every day class includes rhymes, story narrations, videos, rhymes, activities like coloring objects, clay moulds , pasting confitti, shreeded yarn and shredded paper.
  • They have designed themes for every quarter like animal theme, Garden explorer, transporatation, Seaside, Farmlife, market theme and many more.
  • Every activity include sticker sheet and activity sheet .Just like if you have an -animal theme , in the activity sheet you will have an activity to color the bear, a rhyme will be associated to five little monkeys ,story will emphasize on bear hunt and activity will have stickers of various animals like giraffe , birds, zebra etc. You will make a puppet of kingfisher and so on.

What their curriculum focus on?

  • They have activities designed on the chapters like shapes, colors, counting numbers, identifying letters, fruits and vegetables.
  • With respect to the activities they try your children to learn these chapters in a fun way. They let them pretend and play.
  • Their program helps them make fruits like mango ,apple with clay cutter, stamp pads with which kids can dip them in colors and stamps apple ,mangoes on the paper.
  • Good morning song is well introduced so that kids connect to it as the first song of the day.
snow man and xmas tree

How they help in over all development?

  • Initially it takes time but my baby started calling it as his activity time.
  • He started understanding about nature elements like sky, land and water. They have rhymes related to particular theme. If you have sky elements as theme . Their activity includes paint moon and sun.
  • My baby started imitating various animal sounds, he loved the sticker sheet and loved sticking the stickers in the activity sheet.
  • He used to love clay, but he never did clay activity but ended up making small clay balls. He used to say roll roll,pinch,pinch
  • He understood the concept of one and many. One day he said there are so many cars. We were shocked how did he use word “many”.
  • The rhymes which they play had a character common through out, he started recognising that character.
  • They helped to make puppets of caterpillars, spiders which my baby used to play. He knows the concept of puppets.
  • They have story time designed with same character so your child starts associating with that character. They also foster an emotional development.


Flintoclass has no direct competitors but when you consider interms of activity. There are many players like Firstcry Intellikit, Einstein Box, Genius Box. You get these activity box readily online but they dont have any recorded sessions. They just send you the kits.The interaction part is missing.Flintoclass send an activity box every quarter and the quality of books , paper ,release sheet or puppets whatever they send is very good. Very safe to use.On the top of that you get access to sessions which help them hear and perform activities. Help them follow instructions.

Why I recommend it?

  • Flintoclass helps in an overall development of your child catering to various areas of imagination, motor skills and interactions.
  • Child are like flowers who need to learn to bloom , Flintoclass teaches them to take small steps and groom themselves.
  • The most important they engage your child. Its fun for your child and your child will surely love it.

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