Follow your heart

You can fool the world but you cannot fool your heart. The heart is the most beautiful creature by God which cannot be touch or healed but cab be felt. Several times tears keep rolling from our eyes keep us wondering what has actually happened? It’s just that our heart is hurt and we are helpless about how to heal. Healing of heart is not by any medicine or chemical, the elixir of the heart is time. With time, things keep fading thus the pain also diminishes. Every organ in our body is crafted in such a manner that if one of them is upset, the day becomes upset. How much ever beauty treatment you take but the smile of your heart sparkles your face, enlighten your eyes, widen your cheeks and glorify your teeth. The comment just pouring in “Your smile is so natural”. It compels others to also smile. The persona becomes magnificent. It fills your day with gaiety.

Disloyalty is something which we encounter in our life. But our heart is loyal. Intuitions are the ace of our heart. Several people will come and say- “We are really worried about you so much” We care for you a lot“. But the parameters care, love and worry don’t have any measuring instrument but our heart identifies immediately. How much ever the explanation someone gives, you identify the gesture. The true gesture will always bring a smile to your face. There are so many things which we do just to foster relationships. The gifts which we exchange are to bring happiness and make environment jovial. The most important ritual, tradition, and heritage are to respect good thoughts and make other’s heart happy. In the name of tradition if you impostor bad ideologies and drag everyone it will result in futility. In India, I think many times thinking about each other heart we impose bad ideologies and then comment ” Its the law of nature I have not started” True! But you are blessed to have good education and knowledge which should help you differentiate between right and wrong. No ritual is bigger than carrying about each other heart. This point is valid only for those who really want to be happy, not for those who just enjoy making others suffer.

Most of them think heart is most talked and gossiped only during the love phase. But it is not the case. Love is a phase but heart is our mirror. There are people around you to just make you to the way they are. The entire life they have just lived to eat and festivity for them was just these rituals. But never tend to those people , support your ethics which your heart feels true. As we live in the 21st century even the summers have become hotter, winters have become extreme and rainfall have decreased , so if nature has changed we are ought to change for the better.Read and be in good company. Let positivity flow through your body and the gusty vibes of positivity replenish your heart everyday with good thoughts and vibes.

Care the most about your heart and try to spread good thoughts everywhere. This job is not easy but for your heart is not simple either and does not like simple things. Just as the structure of hearts complex our heart loves to adorn complex inter structure molecules to simple blocks of happiness.

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