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As the month of August is embarking to commence the first Sunday is celebrated as Friendship Day. August 4 will be celebrated as Friendship Day. This is more common or moreover celebrated with much roar and zeal among Millenials. On the Friendship day, your inbox gets deluged with friendship quotes and messages. And you just plunge to reply back to everyone. But with the digital fever, some of them prefer wishing on the groups tagging it as a formality. This day makes everyone young and charismatic. It intends to tell everyone that picture is not over yet it is slated to release. No age bar is a consideration for this day. Thanks to WhatsApp it has connected many people over various generations to wave at each other which makes everyone happy.

Friends are life, Friends for life, Friends to life, Friends in life. …. and yes the list goes on. In the walk of life, you accidentally or intentionally make friends. Yet we never make friends for profits. We just make them seeking comfort, peace, and happiness. We make friends at school and start sharing syllabus, notes, and playfulness. When we grow we leave behind those friends and make new friends in college and share last-minute notes, Maagi, and trips. Sometimes all you want is to leave your home and stress behind and leave on a random trip. Just pack your bags and leave for an undisclosed destination. Just to wipe each other tears or help them to come out of a vicious circle in which they are revolving every day. Then one day you enter the world of professional. Quoting it to be very mature and you have got wings to fly now. In the office where you spend hours, you make some new buddies who are your lifeline to listen to the everyday commentary. The office buddies some times know everything about each other.

In every phase of life, we need people. People to help, support, guide, wipe your tears and yes they can be termed as friends. There are no best friends, true friends, special friends there are always friends. Who enters our life for an undisclosed time and later on gets saved as WhatsApp contact in our phones. Sometimes there are secrets yet decisions which we cannot discuss with our family members but yes friends become the part and parcel for these gossips. Many times in life we want some people who re not judgemental and are away from the bracket of right or wrong and they don’t weigh us on the parameters of traditions. We want some people just to support us knowing we are wrong. But they support us because they know that we will soon realize. Our family members are always overprotective about us and never want us to feel the pain of even a needle but friends don’t stop us rather support us.

One day everyone parts with each other, the relationship which lasts with us thread of friendship which we tie every friendship day-the band of trust and fraternity.

Dedicating this post to all my lovely folks. Here wishing a happy friendship day to everyone! Rather the list of photos may fall short but the feeling is everlasting.

11 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Yeaaahhhhh…. Cheers to our friendship I am in three pics of urs.. love uuuuuuu sakshhhhhh !!!!

  2. When friendship is done right it’s such a beautiful thing! So glad you have your crew.

  3. We’re completely blessed in life when we have friendship that will last a lifetime and you are indeed blessed with these wonderful people!

  4. Friendships are so important! I love having friends for so long they are more like family.

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