Gender equality

In India where we are too much dependent on the domestic help, we cannot imagine our life without maids.Husbands always feel that maids get more cream than them as wives pamper their maids a lot ultimately they are their survivors?. In the scare of Coronovirus where social distancing is utmost essential.As a precautionary measure many people have asked their maids to come after 15 days with their leaves paid.The husband and wife have taken this decision jointly

The next day rises with bright sunlight and there is no one at the door. The vessels are stacked in the kitchen, clothes are loaded in the laundary basket, baby massage is on, breakfast , lunch and dinner needs to be cooked. There is too much of work all around ,and alone a women cant be quintessential.

Thanks to the concept of gender equality where husband and wife #sharetheload. From the baby duties to laundary duties husband wife segregate their tasks.They both together as a team santisize their home and maintain the hygiene. It is this time we realize how our maids manage to keep our homes clean. Suddenly lunch time clocks and the wife wonders why we eat food twice?

Decades ago we lived in the gender biased society. Unlike before the commercials related to household chores where showcased by women but now we even have men shooting for the commercials of household.We now realise that we should not pre decide the tasks for males and females. Both of them can step into each other shoes.It was the mindset of the people who led to the exploitation of women.

I wonder about the marketing strategy of showcasing pink for girls and blue for boys. I am a bit surprised from where it originated. Are we not designing a formula which indicates Blue= boys and pink=Girls. Even boys can like pink color and carry it best. Certain things just originate in the name of marketing and gets carried with us for decades.

We have come on this planet to help each other better so why to waste time segregating and biasing things. Instead come together and make a better place to live!

Stay Safe Guys. Use Namaste?

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