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Good Bye 2018

I still remember the time when we are wishing everyone Greetings of New Year. But the year has flown with the flipping of months. 365 days have passed away and in the new year, 365 days will be there with new opportunities. New ideas will prosper. With the new year to commence, we just can’t step back and recollect all the memories that have encompassed this year. With the mistakes achievement and accomplishments, the count starts.


Mistakes committed in a year always makes us strong and acceptance of these mistakes keep us reminding of not to commit it again. Every year which passes gives us so many lessons and experiences. Be it switching of the job, marriage, promotions, awards. To-do list always comes in to picture with every year. A year just passes with the succession of various seasons. Like rainy seasons goes with hashtag #rainymood. After the respite of heat, rain soothes us. Rain changes the vibes. Summer goes in waiting for the rain to come. Checking the forecast when the monsoon will commence. The months of Feb and March goes in the financial year end and budget plan. Soon after the rains winter pops in and the cool breeze envelopes the environment. The early morning fog drop in temperature makes us feel happy. I sometimes feel the season’s play lot of importance in our lives. With every season the vibes also change.

New Year Resolutions 2019-

  1. Vacations: After a successful year everyone wants to sit back and relax. But if due to some conditions you couldn’t plan a vacation. Fill your 2019 and block all the holidays and gift yourself a perfect vacation.
  2. Health: The most ignored fact of our lives is Health. Health is always neglected. So this year spend some time for your health.
  3. Savings: Plan your entire year well in advance and accordingly make investments to fulfill your dreams.
  4. Habit: With every year try to add on new habits and polish your habits. Because every habit leads to a healthy and happy life.
  5. Family Time: The perfect year is well spent with your loved ones. Sharing your joy, laughter, and sorrow with loved ones gives meaning to you. resolutions

With the world cup and election in 2019, these two topics already make 2019 a burning sensation. I hope the new year brings lots of joy, health, and happiness to everyone.Positivity just persists everywhere. Every one just focusses on their growth which will, in turn, leads to the development of the country.

Every one of you might be thinking of how to ring in for the new year. Try to enjoy the last day of the year at its best. Try to spend it with your family and not only with your friends. A celebration is complete with everyone. You can always opt for a house party if you have not made any bookings. Spend some leisure time with your loved ones with delicacies, games, dance and gifts. Groove on to your best dance songs of 2018 and let the party begin.

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