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Good Reads

Good reads are always the collection or database of good books categorized on various genre. If you consider this with our life. We all are brought in this world with a blank book. Each page is written with new colors with the existence of our parents. As a child we are born innocent, ready to mold, ready to learn and draw our own moves. Each and every person meets that child adds a new page and color to it. These colors go on adding and make a rainbow of hues filled with joy and happiness.

This happiness adds heaps to our life. Relations are a cluster of trust and happiness. The love and respect ends in any relation when fingers starts pointing. When every aspect turns in to hatred. If you start developing hatred in terms of jealousy , insecurity and self modelling. The relations try to segregate. Being judgmental about someone and making your own thoughts will not help any one find solutions. If you keep on making heap of thoughts in your mind , at the end you will make a toggle of emotions. You can never be constructive about all thoughts. But do you ever realize we are pointing out on others. Do we ever sit back and realize.

Why it happened to me? Why the factors are not in favor to me? It is only because of other ppl? How much can you held others responsible for everything? The page which we were writing since childhood has lost its importance all of sudden. Whatever good was done has lost his tranquility. The relations have turned out to be non constructive. If you sit back and realize what went wrong. It can never be only one party. It will be mutual. But sorting it out on level of understanding and maturity will help to keep woven threads strong else there will be a slip over of threads every where. If you think you are happy alone, you don’t need anyone then life is a round circle you will have to meet all good deed, bad deed here only. Over reacting and passing out harsh judgment will break the stereotype of being good. The bombarding of harsh statements will dissolve the nucleus of an element ultimately leading to the destruction of an atom. A proton can never blame neutron for the destruction of an atom. Though proton , neutrons and electron are all part of atom. But destruction of an atom will obviously involve all of them , no matter what contribution they have. Neutron being neutral, shy, accepting, not arguing is still churned by those negative electrons , wobbling the structure of atom.

If you feel arguing or relentlessly shooting out harsh statements will make you feel happy then you better need to wait for your turn , because the vicious circle is not going to spare you. No one is perfect in this world but you can try to correct, beautify and accept your flaws. Rather than counting the flaw of other buckets, notifying them every time. Your mouth will land you in solid trouble. You cannot drive yourself in the name of frustration, exasperations. If some one is good to you be good to them. Other wise you are losing everyday some relations.

You cannot shout on the top of the pinnacle by adding new relations. You better watch out on the protons who are not able to sit in the nucleus. The new relations will turn old and the book of credit and debits is still to start. Life is very small, dont waste it arguing or pointing. Rather make it healthy and constructive. Everyone is here to do karma, everyone fears of bad karma. Try to understand some one intentions. No one is here to do something bad. Today in the world where things get obsolete with the blink of eye. The Emi add to your wallet more than your credits, problems always keep you piled up and distressed what everyone needs is love and respect.

The list of complaints and aggressions wont die unless we make them to die. Appreciate if some one has done good to you but don’t let any one down in appreciating someone. Always remember the bank of memories and database of good deeds.

As you sow , so you reap is valid for everyone. So dont fear at the end everyone’s audit is going to happen by the Almighty!!!!!!!

So try to create every page of yours in someone’s book colorful embedded with joy and happiness. If some one throws pelters on you, you obviously could not be good to them but don’t fill the page with black. Stop there and turn around !Be obsessed about doing good, talking good and being good. This will only help.

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