Guests in Life-Hospitality

We all have been host or guests in our life. To host guests is really fun and challenging. From your normal boredom life, by the thought that guests are coming in 3-4 days the environment at home changes. We start preparing the list of groceries and toiletries so that guests do not feel uncomfortable. The environment at home is not less than the festival Diwali. We start cleaning the home and shop for the necessary items which make the environment fun loving and charismatic. In our busy lives where we are always used to live according to our comfort but the sight of guest coming at our home gives us relief that someone is visiting us. On the dinner table where there were two people, now there are a lot of people enjoying a meal together. When on the table there used to be only two four items,  now the entire dining table gets cover with interesting delicacies thus the meal becomes a feast. The entire atmosphere is filled with the riots of laughter.


Being a guest or a host is being guarded by guidelines. These guidelines are being taken seriously only when we are visited by guests. The other time when we are guests we usually forget about trivial or miniature things which we realize when someone uses our things every day. This thought clocks in your mind that even when you were a guest you have used their things, so how does it feel to them. So always make sure when you are a guest and planning to stay for a longer duration carry your own belongings so that no one is getting affected and it creates an amicable environment. The way we stay at our home always differs the way we live at some other’s home. So we should always respect the way how the host arranges his home and should accordingly help them so that they love our presence.


Being a host they will be always generous to ask your favorite dishes but we should help them with what we can this will make them enjoy your company and work. Guests can be of different relations or friends and every relation is woven with different threads of love so we prioritize them accordingly. In the old days when we used to have summer holidays, we used to visit our native places for almost a month and never realized these minute things but today in the busy life where we all are struggling to match the pace with the world, a guest at our place is both lovely and annoying. Annoying it is because you fail to give them time, it is difficult to arrange everything on time. Your maids start irritating and budge you with a lot of questions. I wonder how people used to manage in the older days. It really requires a lot of patience and management skills.


Sharing and caring is what is the underline tagline related to guests Someone has visited you because they care about you. So it is our moral responsibility to see they do not face any discomfort. At the same time, it is the duty of the guest to honor the host’s comfort. Just because we are guest we can’t keep littering our belongings everywhere. Everything goes hand in hand or the other way we can say is mutual. Things done mutually always makes things beautiful. Love and respect are what everyone needs. It is just that if we care and understand about each other comforts the guests and host both will be always welcoming to each other.

So the next time when you are a guest always remembers that one day you will also be a host. We all always love to be hosts and guests. That is how our life is revolving which is graced by the presence of our family members and friends. If your hospitality is loved by the guests they will always remember you and if beings guests you were very kind you will always be remembered as “Good guests”


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