children day

#Happychildren’s day

The purest soul on this earth is children. Their mind is full of innocence and love. The best children’s day comes when you become a parent and witness yourself in your child. You realize how innocent you were. It has been decades of you being the purest soul. What you knew was to laugh and smile. The children’s day becomes special because two children of a different generation live that day. The first child is you who is enjoying and reliving your childhood. The other child is the present tense who is teaching you every day to learn to be happy. A child gives meaning to your life by adding multiple colors to it. Life becomes a rainbow with them

The first thing which a child teaches his parents is patience. In the walk of life somewhere we become so impatient that we are not ready to wait. Whereas in the same condition you see your parents so patient and they answer you “You will learn soon in your life”. You just ponder and leave the topic. When you become parent patience is what is necessary to deal with your child. The second thing which your child teaches is indifference. We always pretend to be good for some people and neglect some people. While your child responds to every person irrespective of any genre. You are surprised to see how your child is mingling. You imagine you were the same and now you neglect some people because you have made an impression about them.

The third thing your child teaches is to be a learner. He tries to learn what you teach him without any filter. He tries to laugh like you, talk like you, cry like you, scream like you, guffaw like you. Then why to give your worry to them. The child soon learns to worry from you. So with a child, you have to keep your worries at par and just be happy. A child is never worried about money, lifestyle, class, festival what he is worried about basic needs like food. Over time we forget our basic needs and start running towards lavish needs.

The most important thing a child teaches is attention. A newborn child also knows how to get attention. Because they are very well aware if they don’t cry to get attention parents will feel let him sleep. A child keeps us giving signals about what all is important for him. Food pattern, sleep pattern they teach us. A mother can never be a perfect mother unless and until he tries to understand her child. Every child has its language but it is important to decode that signal One same formula can never be applied to all children.

children day

Children are full of simplicity and innocence but they require is your attention and love. You can give your child the best company by being a child with him and not a parent. A child will love if you play with them, laugh with them and be crazy with them. Love has no boundaries and so the craziness. Te important formula to crack childhood is to stop thinking and start living because it is not something which you don’t know. Its just you need to wake up a child in you after all you were first a child. You already are more experienced in becoming a childhood.

This children’s day take an oath to become crazy, silly, embrace happiness and stop worrying about what others are thinking about you.

Be a child with your child. You have to walk a long path with your child. Make it a Memorable One!

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