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When a girl marries a guy leaving behind her family and name. She enters in the new world with new people. Ultimately its her wish to either opt for a professional or housewife role. Today more precisely this blog highlights about a housewife.A women always thinks about her family first then about her dreams. Every step she takes is for the welfare of everyone.The entire day just rotates around the chores.Since morning to going to bed she is always engaged. There are a lot of activities which keeps her engaged. Taking care of children,sending them to school,preparing tasty delicacy and observing fast for the welfare of family,performing several rituals which are being ticked in the annual calendar.

Karwa chauth

You ask them what excites them more and they will answer getting ready for festival. They spread a canvas around the family and protect the family from sun,winds and rain. Though they do not step out of their homes to earn,but its their ability to run a family. With utmost sincerity and budget saver attitude they stand with their husband to give their family a better life. The saving which she can make I doubt if any one can make. Every single penny she saves is for the family. She does lots of activities. If you ask her resume and ask  her to mention her job profile or work experience pages will end but the list will never end.

preparing breakfast


The warmth of love and bliss is what she binds her home with. The thread of emotion binds the entire family. She is very selective about every single item she buys to decorate her home.They are very possessive about their kitchen and belongings. Every single miniature detail they pay attention. Be it the hygiene , grocery,discipline ,just everything. In return they ask only for the love and care. They are not paid salary for this job profile. I think it’s the moral responsibility of her husband to give her a monthly salary.


In India when a girl come to groom’s home they feel Laxmi-A Goddess has arrived and she will bring lots of prosperity to our house. So why not keep your wife always independent and happy. Ultimately everything is in the same house. It’s just the gesture which  makes her feel happy and secured.Its not she is not capable but its like she has chosen her family over her career. In India there was a time when every girl thought they have to become housewife ultimately,but that time it was not a choice it was a force.But today they become housewife by choice. So why not pamper and cherish her. An independent women is always at par with men. Happiness of women ultimately leads to a happy family.

Imagine a home without a women ,you will go crazy!She makes your home a divine place

Why not surprise her?



6 thoughts on “Housewives-A Home Maker

  1. It is so true that women do tend to put themselves last and do so much to make a house a home. Even when working a career, most still take the time to make sure the house is in order and a good meal on the table. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well said Sakshi !! I feel like.. everyone be it a career women or a home maker will definitely connect to this some or the other way..

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