Happy neighbors

How Important are Neighbors in our life!

There was knock at my door and when I looked from video cam doorbell it was my neighbor.I walked to open my door and welcomed my neighbor. She mentioned to me that they have Ganpati at their home and want us to accompany them. She said things always look beautiful and wonderful when celebrated together. Indeed! I said.

In today’s world where every one is just running round the clock.It is difficult to get time to establish relations but certain gesture always open the door to neighbors home. As rightly said we can pick our friends but we cannot pick our neighbors. If you are lucky ,you get very good neighbors but there are possibility of getting annoying neighbors too. Some neighbors are very rude or distressed neighbors who even don’t feel necessary to smile. Neighbors are like our family because they are very near to us, even our family members are far in terms of distance. You always like good company. Whatever you plan – a party,  or events you always need people to make your event special. Neighborhood gets established due to give and take ,love and care. If both of them help each other a stronger bond gets established.


If you have come from a holiday and are very tired , neighbors greet you with tea and breakfast. You can keep key for your family members at your neighbors place. Previously where we used to leave we had no neighbors. One fine day we were returning from Goa after a splendid holiday when we reached home tired ,we were shocked to find no key. We realized we locked outside. We didn’t even had someone to keep our luggage or sit for a while. Meanwhile i sat outside by door while my husband went to fetch key maker. That day I realized how important are neighbors in our life.


In the times of adversity they are the first one to help you. Good neighbors are welcoming. They are respectful and consider it as a responsibility to maintain the decorum. I remember during my childhood we had wonderful neighbors and wonderful friends. Four flats were near and during festival like Diwali and Holi the fervor was just wonderful. Each one of us will prepare tasty delicacy and then send it to each other place.There were so many dinner and tea parties together. Boredom was not a concept. In the evening my mom used to enjoy the company of neighbors. They used to sit and chit chat. But now in today world wherein the city no one actually makes an effort generate neighborhood.


The neighbors were even my school mates. We used to go to school together and share our study notes. As we need to go together our parents were relaxed as we all were together. During New Year eves there was another level of excitement as we all used to practice for our performances at each other’s place.Good neighbors always safeguard our home just like we also share the neighborhood with our neighboring countries with whom we share borders. It is always advised to maintain harmony and communal peace.

happy neighbors

There was another Knock at my door and then came the tasty prasad from my neighbors place. Some or other things keep coming and the cycle never ends.

With good neighbors we always have someone to greet us!

Enjoy and spread Neighborhood! As rightly said “Asli maza sabka sath ata hai”!

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