How it feels to be liberated?

Liberated is such a vague term if all of you try to think for a second you will realize we are not liberated but dragged by some fear, anxiety, discomfort, sorrow which is heading over heels on us. Just to say some girls say “He is head over heels in love with me ” Ya this statement lets you utter the word “how cute” but the other stuff which drags you are not cute. they rather broke you. Things broken cant be mended. But just leaves you in the world where no other sensation exists. The thing exists is the pain. Because when it hurts you feel you are alive. Other time you feel damaged and debarred

It is a vicious circle which takes a toll over the mental ability and make you turn obsessive about things. You think in that perspective and nothing else in the world bothers you or rather affects you. You need to conquer the things that hamper you. Things which turn roadblock in your journey of liberation. In life there are sometimes you are dragged by regrets, mistakes and keep on blaming yourself for the things happened in the past. You rather never befriend your past and spoil your future. We need to rather accept mistakes or let it go. If you hold that grudge and keep on blaming yourselves for everything that had happened in your life. You can never be liberated.W e should remember that though we have the full control of our lives still we are the not the owner of our life. Our life revolves with a lot of people around us and most important destiny which rules it.

There is no antidote launched in the market to forget your pain. Pain just gets aggravated each day if you carry the baggage of it. Everything else just disappears from life. Point to remember is, whatever happens, happens for good. With no antidote in the market, you have to deal with this problem. We always run toward getting accepted rather than be rejected. Because no one can accept failures. For that sake, we are ready to lose our self-respect and one day lose the importance of ourselves. We tend to give our pain, another person too much of respect that we stop respecting ourselves.

One day we find ourselves deep under the water difficult to breathe. Because anxiety and depression have taken a toll on our lives. We forgot to breathe in fresh air. Then we finally look in search of healing aid who can get your breath back. Life is simple, we should not complicate it with unnecessary things. What is destined is surely going to happen, you have to be strong to sustain and live with it. Neither you can stop living nor run away from your lives but rather face it. That is the time you want to feel liberated.

How it feels to be liberated is getting our breath back, you can actually feel the air, wind, and rain. The senses which used to recognize only pain has started responding. It has healed and you feel fresh and happy of conquering and overcoming your limitations and once again you step on a path to achieve new heights but this time with experience.

Our life is our life and of no one else, so we ought to take good care of it.

Be Happy!

Broken..But Beautiful <3


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