Humanity is above all castes, religion, and races. We all are bonded together with each other not because of the same caste or religion but because of humanity. In the long run, somewhere we have forgotten our roots and have emerged on the path of casteism. No religion or caste explains to violate humanity. Killing innocent people just for portraying our religion is stronger won’t fetch justice to anyone. We must always remember we belong to the human race and we all have a common body structure. At the time of birth we all look the same way the other look, what differs are the features and nothing else. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna the Avtar of Vishnu has always preached respect, humanity and loyalty for everyone. Lord Krishna being a king always led a life of cowherd with grace and always showcased that all are equal. We are humans first. Humans differ from all the creatures in terms of memory. Human posses memory because of which they can recollect and remember many things. But do we actually remember good things? We use our memory to store hatred for some people and then process it later. hatred grows deep inside us whereas other creatures don’t dwell their mind with bad memories, hatred, discrimination, revenge etc. We should think ourselves fortunate to be humans and should do good work for the country to spread humanity.

Lord Krishna is a cowherd had explained to us that though the job profiles differ among us all are humans. Because to lead the word run with beauty. Everyone has to understand their responsibility and come together in unity to make a beautiful world to live in. Like Cowherd take care of cows which ultimately give us milk and then it reaches to us and is also processed to make Ghee, paneer, curd etc. Lord Rama has always established to live life on his words. Whatever is the situation we should always be stern to follow your words. He has laid the foundation of humanity by obeying to his parents, he never possessed hatred about anyone, when it comes for the safety of his people he had fought for their rights. Lord Ram and Lord Krishna in every reincarnation have led the strands for humanity. How to live life? How to help everyone? How to love nature and creatures?


But today in this era hatred is growing leaps and folds and humanity is somewhere missing. Wrong practices or say malpractices have increased. What is known as the main motive to live is selfishness. Live for ourselves. For this you can down to any level harming anyone, killing anyone. You don’t even feel the pain of destroying anyone. It is because the feeling of humanity is nowhere that is the reason you don’t even feel the pain. You just feel happy about achieving your targets. People don’t understand that those targets were humans and posses life within. There are several people life connected to a single person. We are developing and so as the country is developing but on the grounds of humanity we are on the verge of extinction.


In the old generation, education was about our moral values, about our two sacred pious literature. It was about our environment, mother earth, Vedas and so much. But today people are more educated but not learned. Education is the backbone of any foundation. It is not common for everyone. But the real degree of education is not getting a degree but it is about how you use it in real lives. We need to protect our mother earth and humanity from getting eradicated.

We need to first remember we are humans!


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  1. The current state of hatred along caste and religious lines is really disheartening. And it never ceases to amaze me why people would think their God would condone these barbaric acts of theirs.

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