I don’t want a Developed Nation ,I want a natural place-

We all thrive for a developed country and state. In terms of transport,communication,medical and education we are at a developing pace.Whatever field it is we are growing digitally.The world is of digital India. We are becoming paperless. Today we know everything, what is the meaning of happiness and fitness. What are we actually doing for it? Th world before development was the people need to thrive for everything. They used to toil lot of sweat physically which used to make them strong. They further need no exercise, yoga and Zumba. Because of lack of transport they had to walk miles which made them fit physically and mentally.What they really bothered was about work and food. They ate properly straight from the farms. They were so rich in nutrients.While today nothing is natural ,everything is flavored and added with artificial preservatives. Daily in the news we read eating some food items leads to incurable diseases.

adulteration of foof

Today the medicines which are being developed for various diseases. Leads to several other side effects like anxiety,dizziness and acidity. The original problem is cured but you start facing other side effects. Though the medical is at its boom so are the various diseases coming in picture every day. Then we complain “aaj  kal ka khana kaha natural hai ,everything is adulterated.” The air we breathe is polluted. Thought the development of speed racing cars, or luxury cars, trucks,tractor, road ways all  have made life so easier and luxurious but have made air unhealthy. Development and environment are two sides of same coin. The way we are excelling the environment is getting worst.


Digital India , internet banking and digitization is really very good. Sitting at home we can transfer money. No need to go to banks,stand in queues. But is our money safe in banks? The way the fraudsters are spreading everywhere. One Phone call and your money gone. I know there are advisories every where “Never share your OPT with anyone” But do we actually feel while taking a call that it will be a fraudster calling us. Within a minute will you actually realize someone is fooling you. Some of them do realize but some of them get fooled ultimately loosing their money.They become a victim of online fraud. I know the advisories initiated by bank is good but still can’t they work on high security issues. Customers are getting call ,it means somewhere from the bank the data is leaking. But as you have released warning does not make you free from working on security issues. The people who become victim of online fraud lose their hearts,they rush to police and they say it’s a case of cyber crime. For cyber crime you  need to first submit three reports. There is a procedure which you follow a day. The fraudster is freely roaming and you are doing documentation. Is there any strict procedure to get hold of them quickly? No, it’s just your mistake and game over. It was  better before at least our money was safe in banks, these days we hear a lot of bank frauds and you  never know what will happen.

online fraud

Branding is the backbone of today lives. With out beautiful arranged and decorated we do not actually enter restaurants,Lifestyle is changing heaps and bounds. We do not actually get time for ourselves where as before we used to spend times with our families. Today to post selfies and socialize is what gives us happiness.

Development is no harm, My only point is to go back in eras and see the difference. Everything has its pros and cons. But Simplicity is what we all should look for. We should care about our environment.We should care about ourselves because in this world today we cannot trust anyone. Crime is increasing at a faster rate . No place is safe. “Apni suraksha Apne hath”

Be Alert,Beware we are a Developing/Developed Nation!

No to development


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