In a time of Quarantine

The outbreak of coronavirus does not seem to end, instead its turning scary day by day. The pandemic has locked us inside our homes. The accommodation includes internet, phone, DTH connection, home-cooked food, no domestic help, and no outside access. Homemade food is the one which we always crave for. We can devour outside food twice a week but I guess not more than that. But now you are in a situation of eating home cook food the entire week. So it has become so important to stock your home with all ingredients bcoz eating the same cuisine every day makes you feel gloomy.

Every morning I need to remind myself which day it is, as all days are the same. There is no clock ticking behind me and forcing me to complete your task.Well, Living in the same environment for more than 30 days gives us shoutouts of how important it is to make our homes creative. We always try to decorate our homes to the best but never thought when we land in a situation of home arrest these little things will be our mood changer. Thanks to the wallpapers which ideally highlight our walls but now they make the environment cheerful. I realized how important it is to have one of our favorite corner at our home, which we can call as “myspace” where you love to cherish your memories. You can sit alone and smile. Whatever the situation is you love sitting there. That one place can be loud or simple. It could be decorative or just a corner it hardly matters ,it gives as a feeling of matter of belonging. Wind-champs, portraits, bells always make you feel happy for no reason. The ambiance is what we love these days. We are ready to pay thousands of bucks just for the ambiance when we go out for dinner. We enjoy those ambiances be it fragrance of candles, lightings, antics , graffiti or anything its adorable.

In the current situation when you are stuck for days at home these little things can give you a distinctive aura. How much ever hard we try to keep ourselves engaged by working out, doing home chores, sleeping, working from home. We are missing going out. Obviously we can see across our window or balcony. Thanks to the terrace flat, balcony house or row houses Pwhere you have access to fresh air at least. The fresh colorful flowers in the backyard or balcony make you feel happy. Well, home is the place that has the power to keep us happy because it also has the place to worship which gives us strength.

The moral of the story is “To be safe = To be at home”. And we should bow our heads with gratitude that we are safe and are isolated at our homes. But we can always work on making our home a more beautiful place to the abode for situations like lockdown.

Comment down and let me know which is your favorite place in your home.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you! After starting to be at home more and more I started also understand what’s wrong with my flat… Now I have a balcony full of flowers, a new table, and chairs… it gives some new energy and that makes you feel good and in the right place!

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