Instagram: A Social App for Marketing


The social media is on its booming phase. And every business firm tries to capture its audience through these social channels. SMM (Social Media marketing) uses social media as a marketing tool. A Lot of millennial these days are constantly on these social networking websites. There are many platforms available as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Facebook has acquired this photo capturing app five years ago and is constantly helping users to flourish their business using Instagram.

Instagram is a great channel for content marketing and paid marketing advertisement. It can also be used as a communication channel and also to provide customer service. There are over 1 billion monthly active users present on Instagram according to the studies. So to cover the maximum audience it is important for a marketer to focus on Instagram marketing.

In 2019 there are many hacks available for a marketer to do the marketing through Instagram.

  1. Video – IGTV is a vertical video application launched by Instagram for its users primarily for smart mobile phones. It was launched in June, 2018 dedicated for smartphone users. IGTV is the one and among the top hacks for Instagram marketing. IGTV allow Insta users to upload vertical video unlike YouTube as it allows users to create their live videos as well. In coming time IGTV will be the direct competition for YouTube. There is also an option to take video of length 60sec. There is also an option of live video which gives followers a push notification that you are live wherein they can comment on the video.Video recording up to 15sec.
  • Stories : To advertise through the story is also a new trend. With Instagram story section business can do the advertisement in the form of vertical videos as well. It is also known as a new kind of vertical advertisement.
  • Business profile: If you are running a business where the products and services can be sold online then you can use Instagram as an E-commerce shopping platform. Nowadays many businesses are selling their products and services directly through Instagram. You can create an E-commerce shop with just one button. It is very easy and a simple process. You can always opt for the business profile
  • Intuitive Features: There are many engagement hacks present on Instagram. You can engage your users with asking questions, using emojis, emoji polls and also general polls. These kinds of features help in increasing the user engagement. They start spending more time on your posts. This helps your business to grow and establish your brand personality.
  • Nowadays businesses are focusing on marketing through influencers. Since influencers have a large fan following then it becomes easy for the marketers or businesses to attract more audience.
  •  With lots of security reasons it is now important for businesses to create authentic profile. With an authentic profile, the audience feels more secure and they can easily rely on your brand. This helps to build trust and integrity. 
  • Augmented Reality or say AR is the future of the digital world. Instagram is now offering new filters with the help of third party developers. In the coming time AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) use will increase. So using it on Instagram will also going to increase.
  • In Instagram when you are setting up your marketing budget, you need to first measure your performance. With measuring the performance of your earlier campaigns you can get the idea of how to set a proper budget. With performance measurement, you can get the idea about your competitors as how they are working, what things are working in their favor and what is going against them. This will help you to analyze your business and help to grow your business.

In 2019, there are lots of advancements every day. So for the marketers, it is advisable to keep track of all those new or latest updates coming in the market. With advancements each day you cannot miss instagram in promoting your business. With lots of features Instagram always keep their followers intact with the notification and updates. Soif you dont have a business account for your business, make it today. You can hardly miss these fascinating features to start rolling your business.

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